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Hi, welcome to Lyn & Ringgit Lyn Speaks! *Hugs*

Lyn is my blog name. So I can be kind and cool to tell you enough secrets.

This blog is about life and my money diaries - a bit of silliness, sharp wit and unending tales related to numbers. I post sparingly, like once a month. We can't do too much in life. Like everyone else, I made money mistakes and still do. But, I always rebalance before it is too late.

Before I turn 18, I didn't care much about money. I am taught that God always provides so if I have any cash, it would be gone by the day. The reality sunks in when I need money for college. I wouldn't think myself as a success story, as I've missed the boat to make friends (making friends cost money) that would invite me for all the birthday, weddings and newborn parties. But against all the odds, I paid off the 130 thousand school fee before I graduate, saved some, and learnt a few life tricks about handling money.

After 28 (now 30) years of living, I believe that we are not defined by our wealth or stuff; Money is quite limitless but one thing is certain, money can do nothing to deliver someone from the wrath of God. Dishonest money is the reason the society is broken. Ananias and Sapphira lied and were struck dead. Yes, I believe that Christ came, died for us as the sacrificial lamb of God so that we can meet in heaven for eternity.

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