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What serving the homeless taught me about finance?

Whenever I serve in a kitchen soup, it's a humbling experience to see the people - for the right, and wrong reasons ended up living on the street. It force me to ask the hard question, what if I ended up the other side?

Don’t get me wrong. We serve the homeless with care and pride. We always make sure the food is artistically presentable and still deliciously hot when served. Nevertheless, it’s a self-funding initiative, and there’s just so much quality we can afford to buy. Staple food like banana are donated, and sometimes the fruit comes overripe and smashed. Bread comes from the bakery discount rack where we cut into cubes to make it a fair distribution. The vegetable of choice (to save cost) is cabbage and frozen pea. It’s not the kind of life that most people dream to eat after retirement.

Talking to them or even just scooping the food for them taught me a lot of life lesson:  
It’s the little choices that will lead you there. The benefit of an instead success is overrated,…

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