Of Clothes, Shoes, and Bags

Last year, I spend about RM7,000 last year on clothes, bags, and shoe. Although it's not alot, I do feel bad about putting about two month's pay in things to wear.

Growing up, I had to buy at the discounted and clearance rack -I don't like what I wear and lots of disaster moments. But now I moved from looking for deals to looking for looks. So now am willing to spend on ZARA, Massimo. I rarely buy household brands anymore - they are more affordable, but the designs are just hm..hit-n-miss. If am going to pay for something, I like to get the best. 

Being in the church, I always see people who dress up-up, or older aunties who don’t. Which is kinda sad since I am as “old” - as I never really grown up from jeans and t-shirts mainly cos I couldn't afford it. But spending on things like fashion even only in the classic style is also a never-ending destructive journey. And this is my conclusion: Anything that is less than the kingdom of God is less of God.

I like the idea of capsule closet because of how much I travel and love the supposedly versatile. The Parisian way of making do with 10 item wardrobe by Jennifer Scott is an excellent start to get the picture of what it means to wake-up happily in the morning.

For the ten item capsule wardbrobe, you are looking at 1 pair of slacks, 2 pairs of jeans, 3 dresses, and 4 blouses.

Then you can add a t-shirt, sweaters and special occasion clothes with accessories to round it out.

Or if you like to have the always fashionable look: In Toss this, Wear that - Amy list

i. 30 essentials - 4 shirts, 2 stylists Ts, 5 sweaters, 6 pants, 3 skirts, 4 dresses, 3 suits (pants or skirt), 3 coats
ii. 30 accessories - 2 chandelier earrings, 3 stud earrings, 2 short necklaces, 2 long necklace, 2 bangles/cuffs, 2 watches, 1 cocktail ring.

I think that will take me a lifetime to gather such a collection and say that it is good. Phew! I still like shopping, but my goal is to cut spending on fashion by half in 2016.  (No - am not a frugal minimalist) Update: Pass!

Pray that I would keep my eyes on what is eternal because the world is full of shiny things to pull me away from what is important.