A look into my casual closet

I consider myself a happy minimalist. I don't have the fund, time or even energy to play Outfit Of The Day.  I take it easy when friends see me wearing the same clothes. My casual outing closet has 11-13 items. That is for nearly every weekdays after work and most of the weekends if I do not opt for a dress. Yes, I dare not count how many dresses I have bought in the past; it's an obsession, altogether a separate issue to be addressed separately. This casual closet number is not a rule, but it works for me. Most of the tops can pass as workwear with formal pants so I don't buy formal tops. 

My collection has two jeans - a dark wash slim fit and a light wash slim fit. One is more casual and one semi-formal. The best thing about slim fit or skinny jeans, shape apart, you do not need to tailor the length to shoes. Buy one with enough length for 2-inch heels, and you can wear any shoe. If you are wearing flats, you can just push up the legs and still look stylish.

And nine-piece of top to rotate a fair bit (only found six of the pic). The rule is must be well fit, stylish, sleek. It is rather hard to get a decent smart casual top, so I wear them often and wear them with pride. On the count of 5 days, I may do 2 of the same. Once you find something you like, you'll be happy wearing day in day out. And if someone ever dares comment or ask you could say because I love it without a blush.

Currently, the tops are from high street brands and only Levi's jeans. I look for design and cut first before cost. The cheaper ones, which is expensive enough in ringgits. I would expect the jeans to last about two years and tops be about six months to a year. Maybe it's because I put them in the washing machine or things just don't last these days.

I keep a worn rack where the jeans and clothes are hung after light use. I wear the jeans alternately and use for about a week before laundry (sorry to anyone who finds that dirty). If you do the math, I easily wear a top 30 times a year. That's less than RM3 per wear for the top and less than RM1 per wear for the jeans.

These do not include the sweatshirts and short pants at home. I love cardigans and skirts that could be formal-casual, but I rarely use them. They are more for an occasion or holiday overseas - also means I can throw them away and not be sad. I feel safer wearing jeans.

Oh, I do have a Dior sunglass to beat the shine in our hot weather. And I am considering to add a Gucci.

When it's time to let go a piece? If the number break 15, or when I don't feel as good wearing it anymore, and I don't miss it at all. When the time comes, I cash out pretty easily because of the brands I buy.