Retail or thrift: What I get for RM1,000

From a book on not buying stuff - I skip making because sewing is too much work.

Maybe a better title is retail or carousell since I currently only "thrift" in carousell. I do not bargain unless the price is unreasonable or am unsure about the piece.

How do you thrift? 
Google or carousell search when you want to buy something above a certain threshold cost. For me it is RM50. Send an offer if you trust the seller and like the item.

What I get for RM1,000 in carousell

Marc Jacob Cropped Blazer -RM57 - New and stylish
Topshop leather shoe -RM60 - it's new and I love the look
Radley iPhone cover -RM50 - good leather but did not suit me
Topshop top -RM30
Topshop shorts -RM20
Mango Blazer -RM30 - new but too big for me
Zara Oxford shoe - RM30
Sunglass - RM130
Hever Leger dress -RM150 - very beautiful but I can't fit
Zara White shirt -RM18 -beautiful although has missing beads
Zara Red Knit Top -RM25 - obvious sign of wear - resale
Zara shirt - RM30 - like new, similar as the one I get in retail
Massimo ring - RM18 - New but I suspect it's fake
Karen Millen lace dress -RM100 - I can't fit -resale
Inspired earrings -gift
Fresh Sugar Lip Balm (new) - RM35

What I get for RM1,000 in retail outlet

Zara shirt (RM149.90)
Zara Skirt (RM199.90)
Topshop Jumpsuit (RM210)
Quiz Pink Lace Bodycon (RM199)
Shoes from Isetan (RM238 for 4 discounted pairs)

I can wear everything and loving every single piece. Of course, none of them are an impulse purchase.

Overall my joy level is higher from retail purchases while thrift is more like complimenting things that are nice but expensive to have (happiness too).  It's hard to find something you need on carousell at the right time. There are a lot of miss in online thrift as seller phone takes too good pictures. Many times I excitedly wait for the package with anticipation and result in disappointment.

But there are also best buy ever! Like the Topshop leather shoe and Fresh Sugar lip balm. And I sold a couple of books to people who loves reading. It is a simple act to reduce the things I hoarding in my small space.

Maybe our society is not that mature in sustainable thinking so thrift is less exciting here compare to the west. Well, we are getting closer each day. 

Do you thrift? What's your best finds?

Did I mention that I get cash Jusco vouchers at 10-20% off? Such a bargain!
This counts as helping to reduce carbon footprint? Can I claim carbon tax? - Lyn