KLSE Shareholders Meeting Door Gifts

Shareholders benefit - the third metrics of investing. Investing in a company with good shareholder benefit could actually save you money.

In the States, shareholder benefits are so good that it pays to buy the minimum lot and save thousands. There is discount purchase (ford car at staff price), premium gifts, cruise credits, even free passes to theme parks.

There aren't much to brag about here in Malaysia. But you still could get something if you attend the company AGM. Here is a peek to what you get by becoming a loyal investor. The drawback: Most AGM happens on weekdays during working hours, a clear signal that you got to be a boss to be so free to attend. Also, so door gifts may not worth a loner trip as it cost quite a bit to travel around Klang Valley. So get your family or neighbors on board and bring the whole kampung there to share the joy.  Remember, they need to own the shares, not just tag along.

A note of caution: You may see people rushing for food like famine or world war just ended. Rich people get rich for being frugal.

AirAsia  RM500 ticket voucher with 3000 shares. 

Affin Holdings

Berjaya Group of Companies  - Kenny Roger 1/4 set pack for lunch 

British American Tobacco (2016)

BDB (2016) - RM100 parkson voucher 

Carlsberg - It's usually 6 bottles of beers and RM40 off voucher. 

Digi - RM100 food voucher and RM 50 prepaid card

Genting group of companies - RM50 Oldtown voucher 

HARTA - Two box of latex gloves 

Hicom  - RM500 proton voucher 


Karex  - A big bag of their products.

KLCC REIT - Buffet meal voucher at one of the hotel 

KLCCP - RM100 Mandarin Oriental Voucher

KUB - RM50 in cash...

Maybank - RM50 Aeon Voucher 

MKLAND - Hotel stay 

MNRB - Lunch and RM30 Jusco Voucher 

Nestle  - A boxed pack of Nestle products - Maggi mee, milo pack, corn stars etc - estimated retail worth about RM70-90.

LPI  - A trolley bag and buffet lunch at Shangrila. 

OSK & PJD  - RM50 Atria Shopping voucher each

Pos Malaysia  - Hotel Food voucher worth RM40-50 and limited edition stamps  

Parkson - RM20 parkson store + RM 10 food voucher (2017)

Petronas Gas RM100 Mandarin Oriental Voucher

Pharmaniaga- shower cream and hand wash 

Sapura Kencana - a passport holder


YTL Group of Companies -  RM50 food voucher on one of their hotels. 

Not every corporation give out gifts. But on average, you do get about RM50-100 worth of meals voucher for every RM5000 you invest.

Although Lyn dreams of attending these AGM, she could not yet afford all the shares nor it's worthwhile to take work leave. Hopefully, these corporations will have perks like the States when she's finally on board.