Brick investing better than equity shares

Shopping just got more fun because apart from equity, mutual funds, real estate or gold - there is a brick investment above average returns for the past 10-15 years. What makes this brick special is the low entry cost, durable and pretty liquid. And you got it right - it is LEGO.

It may be pretty odd, and you should at least like LEGO before you embark on this collectibles 'investment' journey. I do not know why (just as I don't understand bitcoin or other hundred types of investment) but LEGO set can actually be a good investment compared to share or gold, some sets with record gain of 2000%. Like any other commodity, supply and demand economics is the force behind this investment game. LEGO sets that are in limited production are likely to increase in price post production. Most LEGO series production period is 2 years so you should buy just before they are switching production. Keep the box in good condition and you can trade them for a higher price.

"I still have not come across one person who has said to me that they hate Lego, other than when they step on them." -Maciorowski (The father of brick picker) 

LEGO series that are worth investing:
Complex building sets for Age 14-16+
Movie fan series like StarWars
Mini Figures series

So now there's a good reason to stop by a LEGO store in a mall.

Find out the trading price of these items at bricklink Note: This is just a sharing, I haven't build any Lego funds.