How to drive your way thru traffic in Malaysia?

It's me or our roads are just getting more traffic these days that one can stuck in traffic at unexpected times? Is there a way to out-beat others and reach in time in heavy traffic?

I believe the answer is Yes (for now) - given that I mostly beat Google map estimated time by 20-25% with congestion estimation when I try. When I don't try and cruise along I usually reach at google estimate time.

The key is to be ALERT.

For daily route
If you are driving the same route everyday, you have to observe where the traffic usually is and if you work it to your favor, you will reach earlier. I have my recipes for driving from KL City Center to Cheras - 200 meters on the left lane, next 700 meters on the right, turn into Jalan Loke Yew maintaining on the left lane, cut into the right lane nearing Viva Mall. I actually tested this for months at around 4:30 pm from KL, the difference between moving around or staying still comes to 20-30 mins.

For unexpected traffic
Instead of cruising thru the flow you have to be on guard to identify which lane is moving faster. If you made a mistake e.g. getting into a lane that are even slower, DON'T GIVE UP. One lane change doesn't mean anything if you are stuck in a five kilometers traffic.

 I could draw really well, but doodling with fingers is hard. :p

Some strategy tips:

1. Follow the front car closely if you do not want anyone to cut in

2. Allow some space in front if you aim to change lane.

3. When nearing a toll (1-2km), usually the far left lane is faster because the third lane expends into more toll counters.

4. Use Smart Tag with Plus TnG and claim your 5% rebate.

5. After the toll, go as front as you can and then find your way to the faster lane.

5.  Use rest station (provided it doesn't look crowded) to skip 150-250 meters of traffic. 

6. Usually taking smaller roads backfire during holiday seasons.

You could argue that it won't work when everyone do this. That's true but it's also true that most people are lazy and live in comfort zone. Willingness to act always makes a difference. Same goes to everything in life.

Do expect that this probably won't work for big celebration day like Raya's. The only tricks that can reduce you stress that time is - check your car condition, pump full gasoline tank and prepare food before you travel.

Am planing to ditch my car and travel MRT once it's complete. Are you?