How to get your Starbucks cheap in Malaysia?

Why do people crowd at Starbucks when you can get better coffee or much cheaper coffer else where? It feels like everyone's so RICH except for the poor me. Turns out, it's could be a wise place to hangout! Yes, a secret that everyone knows but me.   

How cheap? The cheapest way to get Starbucks is with any 1 Free 1 offers. But I don't need two coffee nor do I want to spend average of RM15 on a drink for 2 hours wifi. 

Lucky, there are also options for solo cafe hoppers.  So, for all the lone coffee lovers out there - here is my hack:

First, reload Starbucks card on promo with credit cards. 
Second, use Ucard (the Bcard of Umobile) and pay with Starbucks card. 

For example, I activate a Starbuck card this month with RM100 reload in the card and this is what I get:
  • A free tall drink priced at RM15 - with RM100 reload. Promotion changes all the time 
  • 10% cash rebate of the reload from credit card 
  • 10% discount from Ucard when purchasing 
  • Get 10 Free 1 drink from the card 
  • Optional - If birthday month, register for an extra free slice of cake

All in all, I could get 12 cups of coffee with RM90-100 spend, about 35% off retail price. Or even better if you buy the drinks with Starbuck card when it's 1 Free 1. With that, I think you can get 15 cups with RM90. But what I do is mainly only buying their pastry.

A tall cafe latte at Starbuck for RM8.30 or hazelnut coffee at Oldtown for RM6.90. Your choice. 


  1. Gosh! Just discovered your blog and reading it on my last day of hols.
    Just wanted to add something relevant to this post which is to purchase a Starbucks tumbler when it's on sale and then use it every time you buy a drink from Starbucks to get RM2 off. I've more than made up the price I paid for my tumbler this way alone.

    1. Hi Isabel! Thank you so much for the support, did you pick up a trick or two? Tumbler is a good idea. I just got Starbuck tumbler as gift this hols. Will definitely give it a try, hopefully it could be layered on-top of the above.

      Like for Umobile points, sometimes I get it, sometimes I don't - it depends on the barista.


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