(Updated) Hall of saving tips and tricks in Malaysia

Hereby updated - Mar 2019

Welcome to the hall of savings tips and tricks. I live by some saving tips (listing below) that I thought is pretty impossible to beat. I mean, unless you stop eating and spending and be a monk. Then,  I learned a few tricks from Suraya's (thanks, sister) unbeatable 50 ways to save money.

I'll start with some brilliant ways to save. They aren't new, these ideas have been around for decades. I am not sure why it's not usual to see them in tips to save money. Anyway, enjoy! And do leave me a note if it saves you money or you have better saving tricks. -xoxo

  • Top up your coolant with water. (Must be distilled water unless you want to have corrosion and tube leak later.) Fresh coolant is a mixture of water and chemicals and the water part evaporates as your car runs. You could probably do many tops up before changing new coolant. 
  • Buy lubricant during clearance sales. You may need to be aware of the promotion but you can get up to 60% off retail prices.
Food and kitchen
  • Double up grounded meat portion by blending cheaper and healthier options. Try onions, celery, carrot, potato pulp, or breadcrumbs and egg. Puree or chopped. 
  • Keep a quart container in the freezer. When there are food leftovers (separates the fish bones), top the container up in layers. By the time it reached the top, you will have a delicious soup meal. 
  • Water down boxed juices. Less sugar is good for health.
  • Apparently, if you baked Maria biscuit + lemon juice it tastes like Apple Pie. That's what people do during WWII. Apple's are expensive in Malaysia so it's a good way to save baking cost.
    Finances and Insurance
    1. Use shopback to shop online. Find voucher and coupons before buying something.
    2. Review your insurance coverage - careful not to overpay vehicle insurance and underpay medical.
    3. Write your will for free - one crucial thing you should do for your family. 
    4. Vehicle insurance policy needs to have "as agreed" printed on the sum insured or else you will lose out to depreciation when you claim. 
    5. Buy car insurance online for 10% off. Some people pay with AMEX for extra 5%. 
    6. Set a repetitive reminder for reoccurring bills such as credit cards so you never miss a payment.
    7. It is always better to pay bills with the credit card, as long as you made full payment end of the month. 
    8. Find ways to sell old coins above its face value.
    9. Fully utilize cashback credit cards by topping up into BigPay and withdraw from ATM (don't overdo or your card will be frozen).  
    10. Invest in P2P lending.
    Food and Health
    1. Batch cooking - whenever you cook something that can be freeze - add a portion - it can be last minute meal or lunch in the office.
    2. Keep a groceries price book - the price difference of individual items is easily RM1 to 7! 
    3. If you make herbal soup - divide the store bought herbal pack into 5 or even 10 portions.
    4. Use handheld blenders - possibly the best kitchen invention after sous vide cooking
    5. Keep kitchen utensils minimal - e.g. air fryer and convention oven works with the same principle. 
    6. Make your own salad dressing - you just need the basics - oil, soy sauce, salt, pepper, mustard, honey, vinegar, mayonnaise. The extras: any nuts, sesame seeds, shallots, herbs.
    7. Use a non-stick pan to cook. Saves your time more than you think.
    8. Don't order any unhealthy drink outside, no sweet drinks or takeaway coffee if you can.
    9. When you see imported food you like at 50% - grab it all. (Provided it's edible)
    10. Made good cheap ice pop by freezing 100% juice. 
    11. Don't eat sweets.
    1. Drive at normal speed - 70-80km/hr saves your fuel the most. For longer distance try 100km/hr.
    2. Aim for free parking - e.g. if you groceries shop at Jusco - set your timer to 50min the moment you enter the car park. (if you shop with two people one of you can stamp the ticket at 55min to "buy" 15mins of time)
    3. Learn about the alternative road to avoid expensive tolls - I feel poor while doing that but many tolls are getting too expensive right now. Note: Beware of GPS that brings you merrily go round the toll.
    4. Pump petrol with cash rebate credit card and loyalty card - 5-10% with credit card + 1.5% for BHP loyalty card (the pros at oil and gas companies Lab test proven it, BHP petrol is still one of the best in performance). 
    5. Use Uber any car hailing to travel in the city. Never think maybe a cab for a little extra convenience. Last I did that I got charged 3.5 times the price.
    6. Calculate your true cost of buying a car
    Clean Beautiful Home
    1. Set your air-con one or two degree Celsius higher
    2. Make it a habit of switching off lights.
    3. Use half the detergent amount as per instruction unless the clothes are mud dirty.
    4. Set the washing machine setting to quick wash if it was not a dirty load. 
    5. Mop the floor with water + vinegar.
    6. Buy things that you could resell. Sell things at carousell.
    7. Calculate unit price - e.g. When shopping at Daiso - look for items with the highest number of pieces per package.  By the way, Daiso is not that cheap.
    8. Staying in a good hotel? Bag the high-quality toilet roll. 
    9. Clean your air-con filter once every 3 or 6 months. 
    10. Raid events when the organizers are cleaning up for home decorations materials. 
    11. Ditch chemicals. Use soda bicarbonate for everything. Nearly.
    1. Use less toothpaste - buy a good toothpaste and use sparingly. A tube can last me 9 months.
    2. Get freebies from online sample sites - when it's an expensive freebie. For Malaysia, I suggest freebies land.
    3. Pour in the excess essence from a mask pack into a small bottle and you have a travel mask.
    4. Look out for expiry dates and toss the chemicals when it's due - these chemicals affect our health at cell level that you don't see. 
    5. Put all your beauty products in one place and use everything before you buy something new. 
    6. Dare to Cut your own hair? 
    1. Buy second hand if you must for luxury items. Take good care and sell it off when you don't use it anymore. It pays not to throw things in anger. Learn how to thrift
    2. Have a worn rack/section in your closet - some jacket/jeans/ even dress could be worn more than once before washing. Water conservation aside, your clothes will give you longer wear.
    3. Learn how to trim eyebrows, nail. 
    4. DO NOT store your clothes in a travel bag  (except for seasonal clothing). You will totally forget them and waste money on new clothes. 
    5. Find thrift shop at Amcorp Mall.
    1. Pay 7% cheaper mobile fees with prepaid reload purchased online. [or pm me at lynnringgit@gmail.com for free membership to 7% umobile discount]
    2. Fill a bottle with water or sand, put inside the WC tank to reduce the flush water volume without renovation. 


    1. Welcome, sister! I like the tip about freezing bones to make soup/stock. The leftover bones from my roasted chickens make delicious soup. Add radish and other veges and that's a super frugal meal already. I also used to save vegetable scraps and make vegetable stock out of them. Must start that again :)

      1. Thanks for dropping by! Yes, I learnt that bone broth has many healing properties apart from being a $$ saving option. I just don't like those that mask the taste with lots of pepper. Btw, radish is a "detox, cleaning" plant, so your body might not get the bone nutrition you drink in. Maybe you should make them separately.

    2. Hey Lynn!
      How do we go about online top up?
      Then, do you have any tips or information about coupon for groceries?

      1. Coupons yes, but unfortunately it comes and goes. There's no fix place on where to get what. Just got to be aware when a good promo is on.


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