Financial Muse Feb 2017

The #crazyness in me

Striving harder to save

Saving is a mixture of art, science, perseverance and purpose. 
Art - finding the right mix to stay on budget and acceptable living standard
Science - cost calculation while shopping - makes you smarter
Perseverance - saying no to things that don't matter even when it's tempting
Purpose - spending that will bring value to you and the community

Thanks to Suraya, moving forward I'll pay RM26.70 instead of RM29.68 for the phone bill. I'll also get more points or a free snack. Wishing it stays. My mobile expense is less than 1% of my pay.

Something odd happened when I refuel the car with a 53 liters capacity tank. There were 3-4 litters remaining and I manage to pump 53.5 liters yet it wasn't full. This is the first time I exceed pump capacity in a petrol station (it was Premax 95). Is that possible?

How many times did you fill up your petrol this month? Did you all know that a lot of people drive less with petrol hike? Really happy to know that Malaysian is united when it comes to personal finance.  Deep down, are we religiously driven or monetarily driven?

Housing for tomorrow 

My friends talk about the houses they bought and how much they spend on renovations and how seeing the house makes them feel more settle. I am not going to lie, sometimes I want to get a house. But I look at them and my own cup of coffee - I don't need walls  to feel I am real.  God is real, my life is real with or without owning a house. Do I really need to stress myself up for bricks and mortar? So many people "spend" their life savings to get a house that they need to continually put in effort and cost to maintain, is it worth it?

My first assumption is renting is now a better option in KL and PJ. For the verdict, please wait as I do some detailed study and back up with real numbers on that claim. Or if you could help me on that.

Lyn into automation 

Everything that is done repeatedly could be automated. 

I forget where I heard this, think it was a TED talk.  This sentence speak right into my heart and mind "a-ha!" that is what automation is all about! I should automate that, this and these. That's the only way to amplify our ability.

Have you every wonder how much is your time minute cost? I did some reverse engineering and find that for every minute that I save, I save between RM0.15-0.25 *sob*. Some people say time is priceless, but the truth is my time is sold to work that could be measured. Now I am working on a project to save me time.

We all have only 24 hours a day, but we can always find ways to amplify our time - make things simpler or automate things.

One example is paying my mobile bills once off for 4 months so I get the savings and save time. You didn't think that I spend 10 mins to save RM3 right? Or cooking rice in a batch and bag freeze it.

A conclusion  

I am starting to learn about spending money with a purpose for a better future and for the nation. Something I think what we all have to do - Urgently.

As Malaysian, we save so that we can be generous. We save so that we don't need donations. Only we can make the changes that this nation needs.

Saving Feb: Found someone who needs an education fund this month - 45% income given.