How to save money with coupons in Malaysia

I would love to put money savings expert on my resume. I notice it's quite a claim, but I honestly don't see how one could live the lifestyle that I live with the ill little that I spend. With an average spending of RM4000+ a month, I buy highstreat brand, shop at Sephora, dine at restaurent every other day (no mamak or food court), drive about 1,000km a month on a continental car and give no less than RM700 a month. And here is how to save money with coupons in Malaysia. 

The first is paying Postpaid bill with Prepaid reload (prepaid discount has been covered by Suraya in this post). As I know, this only works with Umobile. I am not sure if it’s some system glitch or it’s meant to be so for everyone. I started noticing that I could redeem prepaid reloads into my postpaid number.  And we all know prepaid reload comes with goodies. 

How I do it?

Purchase reloads in Lazada using Shopback and I get -5% from HSBC and -6% for ShopBack.
Updates - Using citibank card on weekends (code: CITIWKND) for 10% + shopback 3.5% or in Lazada App for 15% (valid till Oct 2017)
Once I want to grab a can of free drinks so I reload RM30 in Tesco with my UOB card (10% rebate + free tin of 100plus for RM30).

IF this ceased to work in the future, it's probably because I blog too much.

My second coupons saving method is finding cool coupon codes. Yes, we all can Google search and I don't discount the fact that online coupon code is good. But the sweetest deals are mostly found in the secretive credit card privilege ( What 1% saving means). The awesomeness is, you DONT actually need to own the card, you just need to find out about the offers. Most (so far almost all) e-commerce site accept the codes as long as the minimum spending requirement is met. I have been using this method to apply the best codes match with the best card (not everyone can own a premier card, but they always gets the best savings). I certainly hope this trick doesn’t go away. I mean, my blog views are so low, merchant and banks can’t be watching me right?

Here is where you could find them for different bank in no particular order: UOB , OCBCCITIBANKHSBC , CIMB

And my favorite online site that usually has better offer codes: Shopcoupons

You could use my code ZBAPZZBV for 15% off in Zalora. It is not the highest discount % out there but it is better than paying full price.

The third method is staff discount codes. This happens ill often that it is not worth to talk about, but I will mention since I been naughty with this post. Once I bump into an old friend in a computer shop and he saved me RM150 which I didn't even ask. The prerequisite is you have generous friends or family working for the big brands. If you do, 30-60% off retail price is normal. Think Honda at 25% off retail price. :p

That’s all for now. Please inform me if extreme couponing comes to Malaysia so I could update this post and don't look stupid.

And remember, we save so that we can be generous. We save so that we don't need donations.