Little tricks: Fully use a super glue

I am not sure this is the best post to end July but I hope that this 150-word post would rid me out of blogging meltdown.

For a craft lover, I have petite hands with little strength to screw a freeze dried UHU glue cap. Each tube will last me twice - the first when it’s new and second when I had to cut the ends because the cap is sealed. It's a rather expensive stationary when you look at it that way.

Here's a toast worthy trick if it so happens that super glue is both your best friend (it fix my shoe and clothes) and worst enemy. A simple way to keep this glue reusable (and get the big tube if you may)- the pin-hole trick.  When I can’t screw the cap, I poke a hole with a needle anywhere and use what I need. There will be some spillover but that’s ok - let it dry (don’t apply any pressure). Keep the rest for next time.

If you need another 100 life hacks, find it here. I like the trick to water proof your sport shoe with beeswax, especially for the coming raining season.