Reading room: 1001 Ways to Make Money if You Dare by Trent Hamm

I pick up this book only because it is written by the guy name Trent Hamm. I was wrong. Frankly, I appreciate his works on saving more than making money. This book is a collection list of “how-to-make-money” you find online. Two-thirds of the methods fall in the line of selling/crowd sharing the A-Z things you own. The other one-third about roles anyone could take or fake it like a cleaner, coach, instructor, clown, artist etc. Since we all have 24 hours a week, and recession would mean less demand, you probably won’t be able to find success with the 1001 ways.

Nevertheless, I did not flap my little fingers over 452 pages (on iPhone screen) for nothing. Here are ten ideas I find interesting and could totally be localized to Malaysia climate.

1. Marriage & Divorce – Double up your asset when you get married. Then, make sure your lawyer is better than your one-time soul mate. I didn't know marriage was easy in Malaysia until I find many of my bosses have two or three wives. Remember the young lady who have to learn cooking from a French chef to get married? Marriage certainly still works...

2. Go out the street with a metal detector – Help to pick up scrap metals that poke vehicle wheels on the road. Earn money and do the community good. Remember to wear gloves for safety.

3. Join a focus group discussion – Done this. It works. Pays between RM100-250 for two hours in KL area. You could PM me if you need the contact.

4. Social network Blaster – If you have a product sales fan page of about 20,000 people in Malaysia, you can charge RM150 for 3 shout-outs. You must follow lyn&ringgit page when it's up, someday.

5. Stick your car with advertisement - try if you are willing to share your car without being uber. I don't suggest you do to this if you drive a square white van. Simply because our law enforcement like to pull bigger cars with business logo over the road side for you know what.

6. Make waking up calls. Great for university hostel. There are people who are so bad with timing that they need serious help. Here is where you come in.

7. Write complaint letters for others – We have so many things to complain and even more people who struggle to put words together. I get messages like "went will the item post?"Scholar tau, not some people who couldn't pass in school like me.

8. Create someone else vision board – This could really pull off because people are so lost these days. Where there is no vision, the people perish - Proverbs 29:18.  Or their purpose is just to be rich, like that would make them happy forever.

9. Create word search puzzle – Using online generator and then sell it as a book to your friends.

10. Work as efficiency optimizer - I like this because I know everyone has some skill or tricks that could help people optimize things. I could help others and I also like someone better to show me ways I never thought off.

Now, before you decide to buy this book for your kids and grandchildren, please know that he’s blurring the lines of what’s right and wrong in virtual reality. He suggested selling cyber sex and stripping off in front of the webcam. On the physical side, there are ideas such as selling your blood plasma and being an escort (it just haven’t gotten to selling real sex, although enter a street fight is listed in number 215). It is a book that sneakingly includes dangerous ideas in. Not a read I would recommend for your teenage kids, or even your wife.