Save: LIp Balm

Coco Chanel once said: The best things are free in life. The second best are very expensive.

In case you do not understand what’s the big fuss about a lip balm - you are either young or rich, either way, blessed. Good lip balm is hard to come by; mass consumer brands usually leaves a dry waxy residue on the lip with chemicals you never heard of. I always want to pass a law that bans toddlers and kids under 10 to use anything but edible lip balm. And advocate that advertisement must put the disclaimer of "leaving your lips drier than before". But let's ignore that for now.

Now, the few lip balms that I am willing to splurge, like Fresh, has raised their price from RM89 to RM105 ($20-30). I have been trying to avoid lifestyle inflation, but I am afraid to say that it’s winning me over.  Fine things are second best in life, and it is very expensive.

I love the existing choice, but I need to take a step to back and move from the pricey to pleasantly affordable. Luckily, I discovered an amazing product - Wild Luscious Lip Balm. The name can be slightly misleading, as they are very friendly priced at RM19. They are 100% natural and only RM19 (USD3.50)in, it's worth every penny.

I pick the cream caramel because it sounds cute. It smells like a candy with a splash of sweetness (heart touching to know that they use stevia). I suppose vanilla bean would be a better gift for those without a sweet tooth. Made with 25% shea butter, cocoa butter and coconut oil, it’s something you can literally eat and kiss.

Oh, I just notice that pure coconut oil works too. If you plan to further save cost, I propose to dab some coconut oil. It is a straight-to-the-lips solution.

One of the nice things I want to share for all who need a luscious lip. #oneatime