Money diaries: Beyond all measures

Another week, another numbers obsession. When I thought I couldn't do better in penny-pinching, life offers something quite magical. And absurd when I rethink about it.

Last week, I set a new record of value driven action. I do not know how else to describe it. It's not exactly additional income and it's not an lifestyle expenses (except for the RM1 for a Royal Selangor Pendant). I don’t feel like I am in control of life, but it’s back to being me – with a little excitement, for now.

So what I did and received:

Software reviews online- $50 USD in gift card
It takes about 10 minutes (while eating cupcakes) to answer two pages of question and score $10 Amazon gift card for each review. Limited to 5 gift cards per person.

Attending event – RM700 in gifts
Hurrah for this one. Marketers want social attention and I enjoy attending pastel-colored events. You either go back with massive value (above RM300) or things that end up in the charity pile.

Economic moats -RM40
They are right about brand value and investing in moats. I sold an old LV catalog. The best part? I got those for free (swear I didn’t buy the LV) when I visit one of the boutiques.

Purchase refunds – RM130
I was frustrated with my purchase at Lazada for some time because there was no way of filing a written complaint about non-delivery. But the system automated the refund this week. I also sent redeliver request to purchase I made on Amazon and got a full refund and the book.

Say “hi” - RM25 in meal
It so happens that I talked to the stranger at the table beside. Not marvel agents of MLM, we talk about life views. And my meal was paid. Maybe it was some sort of psychological therapy for the person.

Thrifting - 10 minutes
I bought a Royal Selangor designer collection pendant for RM1.

Thus, that's the end for one week. It's nothing fancy, pretty straightforward things, just finely done. Have any of you had a good week like this before?


  1. Wait what event is that? Quite generous with their gifts! Also, super curious to see how the RS pendant look like :p

    1. Indeed. It's a reader's choice review. For the RS, you can view or even buy it here :p


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