Save: Spatula, Rugs and Mason Jars

Note: None of the mentions are affiliated. It's just something I use or intend to use. 

July is like a recession month to me. I have more work responsibilities, less pay and then there’s inevitable extra sun exposure and inflation to take care off. At the same times, I see more and more duck scarf appearing at work. In case you wonder, the duck scarf is a rave among urban ladies on a head scarf that goes from RM300 (about $80) and above. Shh…embrace that value driven scarf or risk being boycott by all your colleagues. It takes a brave soul to live simple in the city. But ask any personal finance connoisseur and they’ll say it’s a piece of cloth – duh.

Here the 5 absolute favorite tools I recently adopted. Simple stuff so I could do everything in one go (instead of one a month).

Silicon spatula does amazing things to both modern electrical appliance or the traditional pestle and mortar. It helps me scrap every last bit of dips and sauces from jars or food processor. Something plastic like this should cost like one ringgit but if you feel like splurging, get one from Daiso for RM5.30.

Cleaning rugs from your old T-shirt are very useful to clean everything at home. Cut them into something like some squares and run a few stitches along the edges. I find making recycle rugs rather therapeutically and enjoyable, a career I may want to endeavor in the future. I like palm size with cotton fabric. Gather them around your house and have a designated place for clean rugs. You’ll save on cleaning cloth, paper towels and a place to declutter your old t-shirts.

Then there is the pretty mason jars display. They made a house look like a home and are so useful in the pantry. A walk-in pantry doesn’t cost a million dollars (walk in closet? maybe). I don’t buy them elsewhere but a wholesale place where I get 50 to 70 jars at RM0.80 a piece. You could set up a 1-meter long 5-tier rack with 80 mason jars for just under RM200.

It’s been a thousand years since I add half a cup of water into liquid shampoo or detergent bottle and shake it off when the bottle runs low. That gives me a week extra of shampoos or detergent. Now I am extending this trick into thick sauce or honey tubs with light vinegar. You could also try rum and raisin into cashew cream. (Smacking delicious)

Considering to substitute disposable panty liners with reusable ones. They are not exactly the most glamorous thing to include in this article and I thought it was gross to reuse something that might cause infection. But our parents or grandparents grow up with these, it should work? I find them available on Bamboolite in Malaysia.

If you think that I am not saving what's not worth to save - that’s true. But am enjoying the sense of achievement for adopting these 'trendy' frugal habits. Can you tell how pleased I am with myself? Oh, remember to turn off your car air-con when you are near to your destination. I applaud the person who came out with this idea. It's like how to save (selfishly - not hero saving the Earth) by fully-charge all your gadgets at work or public library.  If your office has no charger policy, head to Birksun to get a solar panel bag. I am just waiting for the price to go lower.