Shopping the Lazada way to cut daily expenses in Malaysia

Update on affiliation: I got my brother to test purchase, the click is recorded but not the conversion. Oh shucked.

This is affiliate driven content  , but my purchases are real. I should not ask anyone to buy things that I do not buy. I don’t buy clothes or jewelry or healthcare food in Lazada for many valid and invalid reasons. But I am excited to explore how I could save on my daily expenses and here is what I bought in a week. Price and offers are valid as of posting.

Sunday: Mobile prepaid

Bought RM100 prepaid for my Umobile for RM90. If you buy the reload from Lazada, you can only get 5% off. So reload from reseller instead. Use any 10% code that you can find online. I use CITIWKND when I pay with Citibank card.

If you don’t have a credit card, use the 5% from Lazada.

Monday: Business expenses
 Business expense: Bought this photo lightbox for my IG, it’s actually just a cheap plastic but I couldn’t find cheaper ones outside. I also bought a box of mooncakes for my dad. I use code MDK10A in the app for 10% off. (Update: The "photo studio" is kinda useless)

Tuesday: Petrol

Purchased this PETRONAS gift cards from Lazada. If you look at the page comments, it’s actually a PR disaster. But I am so used to horrendous customer service here, I don’t care anymore. The car needs petrol and I want to save money. And the card was delivered in 4 days! Use code LZDPETR10 for RM10 off.

Wednesday: Personal Care Products
This time I buy personal care (repair toothpaste, pad) and cleaning stuff, for extra 10% off in Tesco, 20% off in Uniliver. Some stuff isn't cheaper here. Shop diligently!
This is also Maybank card day, so you get RM15 off with min RM200 spend. Use code MBBWED15.

Thursday – Friday: No shopping day

Saturday: Petrol
Bought another RM100 PETRONAS gift card on the Lazada app, this time with the code CITIWKNDAPP for 15% off. (Citibank card) You could access the link below on mobile, and install the app for the offer.

How much saving do I get for shopping in Lazada?

Phone bill: Mom’s and mine RM712.32/year – Save RM 71.2
Petrol: From now till Oct, I will get 12 gift cards (already bought 4). Savings >RM120.
The mooncake and business purchase : Save RM10 more than the listed price.

Just like that, some button clicks online and I saved RM200 on things I need.

Offers and code are limited with T&C.  I will update this page as I find new deals.