Money Diaries: Sep 2017

Wish it was otherwise, but I stop real giving since it hits eleven thousand in July.

Food: *Pops* Handful of casual-dining this month and blown my food spending. *Pops* Topshelf, Yamaguchi, Ichizen, Rakuzen, Le Moon.*Pops* Yes, I will cook and only dine out once or twice a week in October. *Pops*

Products: Thrift a Clarins Travel Kit at RM31 (N.P. RM185). Bartered my Amazon $50 credit (RM200) into Sisley face scrub. That's half of the RM400+ retail price here.

I broke the iPhone charger fourth time this year. Four times! Both original and OEM. What on earth? My latest cable is an RM7 dusty pink cable from Yubiso. This by far the cheapest cable I paid for and it is working. If this lasts more than a year, I will buy the other buddies. Think Yubiso bag, Yubiso towel, Yubiso face wash...

Dental: Teeth scaling for RM150 with compulsory RM30 consultation fees, which means it in fact cost 20% higher this year. The consultation process involves asking you to sit on a chair and show you how to brush your teeth for 2 minutes. -.-"Is that how all dentist charges these days? The cost is claimable. Else, I will choose the RM13 scaling in a Government center.

Gas: Paid RM350 for RM400 petrol cards. You can find out how here.

Maintenance: Paid RM665 for engine and ATF change! The workshop uses OWS lubricant, apparently from Germany. But my car can only run 7,000km on their fully synthetic oil, which sparks the question, are they really what they claim to be? Did my math, if I buy engine oil and pay a workshop to change for me, I will save RM340. -.-

Oct goals: 

Find my “why.”

What exactly keeping a PF blog means to me. For one, I decided not to let the sense of insecurity kill my passion obsession in writing money diaries.

Cap food spending at RM1,000

I overspend on food this month with people I don't even enjoy eating together. I am fine with cooking and eating leftovers. But I still want to budget in omakase so that's RM350 gone.

Chasing the number 

Investing in bond fund.