Save: How to order the classified pizza on Domino's Malaysia

If you love takeaway pizza, you'll love this hack.  The best way to save money on pizza is to build a brick oven in your lawn and kneel the dough a day before. The second best? Customized Domino's pizza delivery.  

This is specifically for Domino's Malaysia, and no, they don't pay me a dime to write this. In fact, they might change the pizza's recipe after reading this because I am going to teach you how to order supreme pizza without paying extra charges! So keep this a secret recipe between us k? Shh..

Now, I love to order premium pizzas like Classified Chicken, but that would come with extra surcharge. So what I'll do is, I look for the cheapest pizza with a same base, in this case - Veggie Fiesta because they use the same garlic sauce as Classified Chicken. 

Before adding to cart, click on edit toppings.

As you can see, this pizza have five vegetables topping. Classified Chicken comes with two vegetables and shredded chicken. What you have to do is remove two types of vegetables.
Add the shredded chicken on the meat tab. And viola, you get the Classified Chicken with one extra veggie (mommy would love this) and - without paying RM2.50-8.80 extra.

I don't know if they have different weighing for different pizza class, I been getting the same amount per ingredient. This is one example of many other combination. I like to remove three veggie and add two meats for only RM1.00 extra. That's like enjoying supreme pizza with an economy ticket.

Love to hear if you have spotted any other brilliant combinations. Bon Appetite!