I quit tracking my expenses

I stumble upon the book - You are what you love by James Edward Smith. I didn't read the whole book, but I flip it.

This book came in a time where I am obsessed with tracking my expenses to a point where I would repeatably open the wally app and study the numbers. It got me asking: What do I truly put my trust in? You are what you love; your habits reveal your deepest desire.

Here’s how I have categorised my expenses:

General – Giving, Tithes. Clothing – Clothes, Shoe, Bag, Accessories.
Food – Groceries, Take-out, Dining, Fast food, Coffee drinks, Snack.
Housing – Rent, Utility, Land assessment, Household tools, Internet, Furniture.
Transport – Gas, Maintenance, Toll, Insurance, Flight, Public transport.
Personal – Beauty products, Toiletries, Mobile, Gadget, Medical, Insurance tax, Fitness. Misc – Office, Service, Interest, Trade losses, Postage, Books.
Fun – Event, Entertainment, Games, Hobby learning, App software, Party.

That’s 43 things to consider on top of work and life! Puff! It put so much stress and chaos in my brain.

Our heart is the compass of what we pursue in life. If I seek money and stuff, I’ll get the financial win, but I’ll lose what life has to offer.

God performance indicator for us is never going to be the number in our wallets. I fail to glorify Him when the first thing I read daily is how much budget I have for the day.

I've been tracking my expenses since I was 18, I've done the time and work..the bills, the catagories.. it’s time to move on. After ten long years (and four years of detailed data), being prudent with money is in-build in me. I know my hard limit. I know my triggers (sushi).  I still believe expenses tracking is a great tool, but it is not the soup for my soul in this season of life.

I would continue to input data for things that only make sense with credit card payment like petrol, rent, mobile while spending the rest in cash with a blind eye. That way, I will how much I spend in total without auditing myself daily. I like to experiment with this until there are profound changes in my life.

He must increase, but I must decrease 
Have money overtaken the important things in your life?  


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