Money diaries: Dec 2017

Its only end of the year but I eat like its end of the world. December was relaxing and fun, got free tickets to a good party, and all the perks in between.

However, it's stressful to spend on the car. RM2,300 goes to car repair, insurance payment with a 10% discount online and road tax payment. Then, being a little generous comes with a cost. RM870 goes to giving.

Bought nothing on 11.11 or 12.12 online sale. I did, then I return the whole purchase. I will only keep what I want. But I shopped retail and bought 5 pieces of high street fashion at RM320. So much for keeping things minimal.

I cancelled broadband and a membership site subscription in December, this will help me spend RM2000 less next year. I now surf by using UMI30 plan (RM30 for 7.5gb) and free WIFI. It feels impossible, to live with a cheapo college student plan. I wanted to sign up for the grown up plan, the package upgrade, the phone bundle plan, the unlimited surfing - anything that WOWs. But if I pay RM150, that will be RM1800 a year, RM9,000 for five years. Once I ignore the advantage of a grown up plan, spending RM30 works fine.

2017 is full of overwhelming emotional ups and down. I am not in the best version of me but I made it through safe and sound. The greatest joy of the year is experiencing God and hearing Him in my life. Wherever I go now, I see that as an opportunity to be part of a community.

Dec results
Life without facials
Scrub + mask works well thus far. Adding sunblock into the routine.

Stay healthy and fit
I did less than what I committed, 7 minutes a day feels like forever. Jumping jack and wall sit is my favorite.

Chasing the numbers
My tax bracket might gone up this year, so I decided to fund the Private Retirement Scheme, for the tax refund. RM3,000 gone. Good news? USD to weaken over MRY this year, up to RM3.00 (analyst says, not me).