Money diaries: Feb 2018

I know how much I spend, but I don't know what I spend on in February. My strategy, or non-strategy – is to spend without worrying about the little details that stress and worn me out. Here's my account of not knowing half of the story.

Initially, I just want to know one total figure. Then, I got greedy and track the fixed or obligation cost like giving, rent, petrol, parking, prepaid and postage. Here I am, a month later, with a small report card.

All in all, I spend RM2,815.79 this month with RM1,475 being petty cash that I buy anything I like. Because I used to be such an avid tracker, tracking is time-consuming to me. Now I could pay and go. Not tracking my spending creates space for me to breathe and do things that matter. Another thing that mattered, RM2,800 is less than half of my February income.

Hard cash spending limits my options. I can't consider anything more than an RM100 bill or crave for expensive meals. I only have a thousand dollars to spare for the whole month.

Limiting yet brings freedom. I don't worry about purchases that would kill my budget because I could spend it all (the cash)! That’s a healthy finance relationship that I can’t get from using a credit card or any mobile money.

The results taught me something - if you want freedom, you must limit yourself.

Bought something that the tracker lyn will not - flowers for a little happiness! It started with a stalk of lily, then a bunch of flowers to make a flower bouquet and finally I got some roses for free.

No, I don't go on spending recklessly, and I love good deals I love good deals like paying less for the phone bill. Paid RM127.50 for RM150 mobile credit. The idea of stewardship is ingrained in me that tracking or not; I spend less than what I earn (naturally).

Also, I collected RM1380 worth of Angpao. I am trying to be frugal so that it could cover March living expenses!

Five numbers and I got the month covered. Simply simple as that. How's your February?

March goals
1. Chasing the numbers - Dividend in Feb was RM375. No dividend expected for March.

Stumble across an interesting view about housing. The author believes that house is an expense and depreciating asset because there are expenses to maintain it. The reason housing price goes up is not the real value of the estate but government policy, monetary policy and human nature to flip a market. Maybe right when digital takes our world, and the idea of location, location, location doesn't matter that much anymore.

2. Grow - Read the remaining Old Testament. Interceed for a miracle. Write two posts for Lyn & Ringgit. Work on my grammar. Take a just for fun class.

3. The healthy diet of oats and chia seed for breakfast. I felt strangely sick despite passing all the blood test. So I want to eat healthy before going back to a doctor. I want to have the energy to live a slow, durable and beautiful life. DON'T ask me how that taste.


  1. Which app are you using to track your spending?

    1. Hi Arvilla, I use Wally Lite. It’s free and very customizable. :)


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