Social Media And My Life

Does social media dictate how you spend? Like instead of drinking a cup of water, you order a cafe art latte that is so Instagram worthy. Guess what? Getting likes on IG is addictive. I secretly envy my air stewardess friends. They earn so much and get to be on the jet-setting lifestyle. [I don't bother to follow famous people with real jet-setting life because they are not my friend. I don't know them.] I want to change my career. Just a problem, there's this pressure to look perfect all the time, I will be more lonely then I am now, and I am too lazy to prepare for cabin crew interview.

To be fair, I have a housemate that really dress up everyday, OOTD or not. The lifestyle in Instagram is the real her. Not so for me, I too, like to post beautiful pictures but the truth is my life aren't that exciting or happening. I wake up, I eat, I work, I sleep, 280 days a year.  I got no makeup, no hauls to display, and I don't like cafe hopping.

My real, mundane things in life that fits into my saving plan?

My ebook reader is the first generation mini IPAD. 16GB + WIFI. I use this to read, watch videos. I play candy crush, then regret for playing too much.

I keep my coins inside this free tin can from P&G. I pick up coins from the table, the floor, even the office car (some people likes to throw coins). It gets filled up every now and then and gets carried to the bank in a shopping bag.

I don't need to buy shampoo or shower gel. I get the supplies for free from hotel and events. This is just half of what I have now. I give it to my parents, my brothers and my friends if they drop by.

I didn't bother to throw the dying flowers at home. It's still a pretty bunch to me.

This is what happens when you buy avocados for your brother and leave it at home for two weeks.

Here's my top food place for artisan burger, and my RM20 bag that I bought from Hong Kong. I only order drinks when I am out with friends because the slow press carrot juice is overpriced at RM10.90.

What taking real pictures taught me: You don't need new or flashy things to stay on social media. Or, you could just quit social media. Life is beautiful as it is, even with the old avocados.

If you like to showcase your life here, I welcome a few guest post. Please drop me an email with a few non-IG pictures and a short description. Title: Social Media and Me.


  1. Love this post. Your real pictures are interesting with unique perspective. My life is not so instagram worthy and whenever I do have something interesting to showcase, I'd probably be too busy to even snap a pic. And my two kids make it harder for me. Usually will just post the 'real life' picture on instastory, even if it's too ugly, it will dissappear.

    1. Thank you, A'ishah. It sounds like your life is happening with your two kids around, and from my point of view, that's all that matters. :)


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