Money Diaries: Jun 2018

New diaries, new thoughts and love for growth.


I am back to detailed tracking. This time I break the food into dining out, sushi, and coffee. I need to track sushi because I ate that a lot. (And things like that) RM379 went to sushi this month. RM280 for Father's day lunch.

Spend RM740 on car maintenance with a new battery. So my other spending is about RM2850, in line with the previous months spending pattern. 

Clothes @ RM71.70 - I bought an Ipanema slipper (RM16), a long cardigan, and a dusty pink pants. I will be buying more clothes for July, will see what can RM1,000 get me!

My giving still sucks compared to how far I woud go last year.  I was shock to find that between 2015-17, giving cost me a total of RM29,500++. 

This month I declutter some keychain (who buys keychain -.-) and a dress for RM165 pocket money. And I got about RM120 cash back from Fave app since I use it in May. I only use when there are discount code on top of the normal offers.

People were really kind to me on my last day of work. I recieved nine beautiful gifts! Makes me wanna cry leaving. Is that a sign that I leave an impact or they were too happy that I am going? 

I might not post anything this month as my new office will be demanding and I have lined up all weekends activity. Budget glasshouse stay, conference, alone time. Well, we all have 744 hours for July and life outside the internet. 

Before I spoke a word, You were singing over me
You have been so, so good to me