Money diaries: May 2018

I have not much time to write proper money diaries. I have piled too much work and to-do on my list that blogging seems so insignificant in the midst of all things. So I am just going to keep this short.

May 2018 is one of my lowest spending months. RM2470 with spare cash in my purse. Somehow, spending with a lump sum of money like a teenager with allowance works well for me.

Clothes RM29 is spent on two plain T-shirts for election duty. My dream costume for the day is actually this, but, I'll be kicked out from the polling station.
Pretty things I need not buy

Why you must shop online
This month, I bought 10 Naruko mask from Watsons for RM44.20. Spending RM4 a day to maintain my skin seems like a good deal. But, I was such a fool. Because I paid only RM92 online for 40 pieces of the same mask. In other words, RM4.42/pc versus RM2.30/pc. I have encounter incidents like this over and over again. Forget GST! Buying things in a mall can make you 40% poorer in the long run!

So do yourself a favour, sign up for safe payment like PayPal and start buying things online. Or sign up shopback for more savings with my link, a girl's got to eat.

I also started trading bitcoins, took me about an hour to figure out. Here's a basic guide to start with bitcoin.

Jun goals:

It hurts
My brother says that I could be such a terrible person. Sob. I got to learn to love people more than my thoughts. 

Study about pressure and backpressure 
I have no idea how I graduate. I have never paid attention in school since high school. I guess our education system is too easy to beat. But I want to be able to explain all the thermodynamics and solves partial or ordinary differential equation.

That's it all, the post of a lazy cat. Selamat berpuasa to you if you are fasting.