Reddit users favourite money saving tips

This post is an excerpt from what is your favourite money saving tips found on in Reddit. You may want to scroll thru the long, extended post for the detailed saving plan but here's a nice 8 that I found. 

On lunch 
I tried to never spend more on lunch than I was making in half an hour - PrimeIntellect

May day! That's RM5 for lunch. I definitely have spent more than that.

On tracking
Look at your bank statement. Actually look at where your money goes. - tallish_possum

Useful if you find yourself spending too much. I track my expenses for years using Wally Lite app. Although what's gone is gone, I know where my money goes. 

On banking
My savings account is at a separate bank from my checking account. I can still deposit and withdrawal money to/from my checking account electronically, but it takes 3 business days to do either. - DavesMomsTits

This is absolutely true, it is harder for me to spend money that I put in fixed deposit. I limit my credit card usage to the cap of cash back, which is usually RM1,000-2,000. 

On subscription
Recurring monthly expenses are what will kill you. Keep those low. - Governor_Humphries

I have Scribd, this web hosting, a RM30 mobile plan and a shared RM8/month Netflix. I'll say it's a pass. 

On food
Here’s still plenty of meat on that bone. Now you take this home, throw it in a pot, add some broth, a potato. Baby, you’ve got a stew going. - MrCleanMagicReach

I love all these no recipe stew ideas but I rarely cook. Just make sure you don't cook things that are incompatible. 

On relationship
i. Spend less than you earn.
ii. Don't get emotionally involved with someone who doesn't get (i)
iii. Especially, don't agree to joint finances with someone who doesn't get (i). Insistence on joint finances should be viewed as a major red flag.

Not quite sure, still single. Can you actually un-love someone because they spend more than what they earn?

Buy quality
Counterintuitive but buy the best you can afford and take good care of your stuff. Since you know you have the best you can afford you don't have the constant itch to replace and upgrade. - CaffineChristine 

Applies to me when I finally got my iPhone5 instead of a cheap android phone. But some beautiful things are very expensive and the logic of just once this lifetime is usually flawed. Things get used, worn out, or goes out of fashion. We get bored and find the next beautiful thing.

Get your change
I always get my change and put it in my piggy bank - yes it's a pug, a chalkboard pig, so it's tons of fun to draw on. I very rarely use cash as I like my reward points but it still comes out to $100+ every year. Don't feel bad for getting your change. So many people walk out without it thinking it's what you're supposed to do. - egnards

I do collect coins when I see them but there are occasions that I walk out from 10 -20 cents change. Ops. I should wait for the cashier next time. If you wait tables before, do you get a lot of tips from change?   

Saving money can be easy or hard, depending on your situation, but it definitely gets easier with every dollar saved. The less you need, the more you have.


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