2018 Half Year Goals

Mid-year always feels like I have not done enough for the year. There are times that I have even forgotten what I wish to accomplish on the first day of the year. I guess there must be X-muted people out there that never fails to do what they want but I don't uphold my goals well. I need to constantly make list to remind myself why I am doing this and here's my list for the next <180 days.

Read 25 books  
The first challange is to read 25 books in the next 5 months. I last read Thinking Fast and Slow (where my mind becomes slower after reading). Next on my list is a new pre-order book titled Love Life Again from Tracia Miles. Books that make me tears and have to courage to live again.

Bid goodbye to brands
I love highstreet brands, leather bag, famous shoe and beautiful (synthetic) perfume scent but to keep myself rooted on earth (being humble, and real), all these Must go.

Save another RM10,000+
This goal is set to happen. 2018 has been kind to me. I have been spending less this year and have saved ten grand by now. While being able to save sounds liberating, it is also restricting. It means that I can't leave my job, payroll plays a role here.

Build a dividend portfolio
If saving is to simplify life, building is to amplify. I started looking into dividend portfolio May this year with caution. I suppose if US-trade dispute continues, the spillover due to global supply chain intergration would cost -4% of expected export growth in Malaysia.

Buy medical insurance
Being an optimist, I find it really hard to spend money on insurance. But I guess I do need some form of medical coverage. Cheapest insurance I mean.

Learn coding or something that is skill or date someone
All equally important but I have no specific priorities. I've done with data modelling this year (despite yet to understand the theories of different statistical models). So it's to build upon what I know and what I not yet know.

That's all for now. I carry a notebook around to add or remove things on the list all the time and action items to get it done right. If this doesn't work I don't know what will.  -xoxo