God and Finance: What it means to be honest with money

This post is more about religion, values, than finance in general. In case, you like to skip as it may not be as important to you as it's to me.

It is simple, God demands absolute honesty. And if you believe He exists, you are bound under this truth. 

Being absolutely honest about money is hard for me. Yeah, I don't go around stealing or cheat people, but I would pick up coins I find on the street, I would collect Nutella when I go for breakfast in a hotel, I would take the extra blank page book in the office. Some people call this frugal, or opportunity. I call it, savings. I managed money with relative honesty, standards that sometimes skewed under a different situation. (Don't ask me what about stack coupons etc, I don't know the answer) But God showed me the reason I don't always hear an answer in my prayer, is I fail to live upright in the sight of God.

For the crooked man is an abomination to the Lord; but He is intimate with the upright. (Proverbs 3:32)  

Honesty confirms God's direction, restore our fellowship with Him, people around us and the blessing in His promise.  

Being honest with money is absolute, even in the smallest matter. 

Partly adapted from Your Money Counts - Howard Dayton.