10 things to do on a weekend

Here are 10 cool (and very cheap) things to do on the weekend that will sure to add up your happiness level without breaking your wallet. If you just do each of these 5 times a year, you got a year of weekend activities covered. Boleh jimat cuti-cuti. (Can saves on travelling)

1. Make a sandwich or wrap for the weekend.
Prepare what you will eat for the weekend so that you won't need to spend too much on dining out. Egg sandwich with cream cheese or banana slice with honey is a good start. Vietnamese rice wrap with Japanese cucumber, crab stick and mayo is also cheap and easy to make.

2. Read books at a bookstore or public library.
Make your own coffee in a flask and drop by KLCC Kinokuniya or Isetan Place Lot 10 via the train. The display will inspire you to read again.

3. Frizzy bubble bath.
A good bubble frizz gives you luxury spa experience without spending more than RM10.
Sephora has a great selection at only RM5 a cube (RM3 during a sale)

4. Buy a flower or plant and talk to it.
Fresh flower brings new life to your home, buy a lovely flower from the morning market. I buy a stalk of lily for RM6. Talk to it may sound odd, and there's no proof that plants hear you, but it's a free therapist session and brings oxygen to the room.

5. Watch a documentary
Travelling to Atlantic cost money, attending a professor class cost money. Thanks to technology and TV at home, all-seeing and learning are possible. You can see how penguins keep warm during winter, how sauces are made in industrial scale, experience a dream cruise.

6. Test drive a new car
What's a better and free way to ride a brand new car on the road? Some people work for years just to own a good car. If you don't need to travel by car, take the experience for free at the showroom instead of paying for the experience. Dress up casually and daringly walk into the car sales centre.

7. Go for free shopping
There are two ways for this. One, you shop your closet. Two, you go shopping without spending money. If muka tebal sikit, you can taste food at groceries and get free samples from beauty counters.

8. Exercise: Swim or run
Two of the best sports and somewhat free activity. You will feel alive after a week of seating down in a cubicle, facing a box.

9. Plan your week
Dream of the impossible for next week. Write or draw what you have in mind for the coming week. Plan a trip with your family, your BFF.

10. Visit some free art exhibition, join a free workshop, a walking tour, volunteer at a kitchen soup
I put this on the list because you get to experience life free of charge with no commitments. Some suggestion in KL, Riuh in AWP Bangsar, Art gallery in Level 2, KLCC, The Lake Park, Kiara Park, Wine tasting in Robbinson KL.