Money Diaries: July 2018

Back to a city full of boxes. Things in the city can be expensive but the most expensive of all is time. I accumulated so much sleep debt this month. It’s not about the work but the time to travel for work. Commuting to work is no different from taking a pay cut.

When I was a teenager, most of the things that I buy are the things that I need. But for the past few years, I buy the things that I think I need. Spending 20% more this month without any "mishaps" expenses - I could do better, I should do better.

This month spend's all on coffee, clothes and everything in between inside the malls. I rarely shop in malls, paying retail price. A couple hundred on clothes that I regret buying. These clothes are junk the moment it enters my house, and I can't return for a refund because I've cut the price tag.

About the coffee. I had like more than 20 cups of coffee, up to the point that I think I had caffeine poisoning when I gulp three cups in a day. I didn't need the caffeine. It's just that when things seem stressful, I want to spend RM10 on a cup of drink that makes me happy. The verdict, coffee makes my skin look dry and old.

Travel to the east coast for three days with friends - RM391.
Scribd payment came - approximate RM200. 
Japanese buffet at Shangri-la with Amex card at 50% off - RM82
The haircut that cost me to whine - RM110

Re-read the book What's Best Next by Matt Perman, and I like his four practical ways to productivity - to simplify, amplify, free up time, and challenge. This inspires me to tweak things in life, and I will be writing a serial this month.

Watching Mr Sunshine on Netflix. I am addicted to a historian story, hopefully, no sad endings. I think Korean drama have less sad endings these days. Either I have watched them selectively, or they have moved on from their country's harsh times and are happy people now.

August goal: spend RM3,000 or below.