My experiment on digital marketing

This story is not about this website. Lyn & Ringgit do not have such a high following, and I have nothing to sell. For some celestial reason, earning from blogging is not my forte. Furthermore, this website cost me $15 a year, which means I don't qualify for web hosting MLM offers. I try my hands on digital marketing for the past two months and this is what I learned.

What is digital marketing?
It's like a sales agent; only instead of going out to sell people you know, you reach out to them online. You could build a niche site, gather an email list, or be a social media celebrity. But even if you can't do any of the above, you can be a successful marketer with paid ads.

Any trade secret?
90% of the online course on marketing is the same. Find your niche, know your customer, monitor your ads performance. To build your digital brand: develop your content, offers affiliation for others to market your product, get the testimonials. Viola, you are a guru.
(Contemplating to write a series on this)

How to find traffic?
One, you have a great website with high traffic, and everyone comes to you.
Two, you buy traffic to bring them to your affiliate sites. Mainly, Google AdWords and Facebook ads. I use both of the services. My first Facebook ads reach 1980 people with 1400+ engagement at the cost of RM14.90.

What to offer?
Digital marketing is an exciting field; you could sign up for affiliate offers ranging from online shopping, dating sites, online coaching to online casino. As a general guide, the higher the proposal rewards, the harder to get a conversion. There are also rules to follow like if you are allowed to make your marketing content and banners. I was lazy too busy, so I only use the advertiser pack.

The work involved

1. Find the right, genuine offers.
Check the site review, on-site payments T&C before advertising. Start with a small budget.
2. Set up things right.
I tried putting my Lazada link here and got my brother in another state to buy something, but the tracking didn't capture the sale. Always test the links you are using.
3. Monitor the performance
Split test between ads, let it run and decide if the ads are working, manage your cost. Scale and replicate the winner.
4. Invest in your business
If you are willing to invest, there are online subscriptions that you can see what other marketers are advertising. You can hire a freelancer to do the performance monitoring or create lead magnets.

Any results?
I test run on an offer between June and July; each test runs for about five days (in USD).  Obviously, I can't tell you what it's about, you just have to take my word for it.

Test A: $20 Return: $0 (Not the first FB ads)
Test B: $15 Return: $0
Test C: $34 Return: $69
Test D: $27 Return: $62
Test E: $18  Return: $76.1

The conclusion
From my own little experience,  traffic source demographic is one main factor.  By knowing your perfect customer, creating value and managing your cost, you improve your probability of winning.