Things to declutter now

Decluttering is being mindful- and never an easy thing.

I'll stick my neck out here and say that we all yearn to throw out something that is not functioning anymore in our life. But I tend to care too much about what-a-waste, take this, save that and ended up keeping the mess at home. It took my time from a weekend project into a never-ending weekend therapy.

I stop trying.  Life need not be perfectly clean, it could be a beautiful mess. By just getting rid of the worst of the worst clutter around - all the nice things are yours.  As Aulus Celsus says - Live in rooms full of light.

It's has taken me a year to get around to write this post, so that I could share a list of things that I can ruthlessly bid goodbye now - without any hard feelings. Things that fall under the useless category: 

A. Things that are junk 
B. Broken or expired items
C. Takes me forever to think why is this useful (I use a 5-second rule)

Here are the things you can declutter immediately. Start by going through a section of a room, a drawer, or tabletop. You will need a trash bag. To clear -is a joy, you’ll probably whiz through these, but it's okay to give up halfway. Declutter is for your wellbeing, not the other way round.

32 items to declutter now

1. Empty packaging Box, wrappers, ribbons, wires. Mine was the shoe box, the mooncake box.
2. Receipts that you can't claim 
3. There are three ways to manage a document: Keep/Act/Toss. Throw papers that go into toss pile. 
4. Credit cards not used Avoid fees and taxes, call to cancel and cut the card 
5. Business cards Snap a picture on your phone if you need
6. Old school books and storybook 
7. Pen with dry inks or doesn't write well
8. Craft items that you don't use anymore  
9. Ugly paper bags, old newspaper 
10. Old prescription medicine
11. Toiletries and chemicals that smell old or bad. Especially for toothpaste
12. Time to change your toothbrush? 3-6 months is best
13. Old perfume. I found one which is kept for 11 years!
14. Nail clipper that can't clip well 
15. Loosen hair tie and rubber bands
16. Scissors that can't cut well
17. Outdated accessories 
18. Clothes beyond repair Clothes manufacturing consumes a lot of water, save on clothing to conserve water. 
19. Apparel with a faulty zip
20. Clothing that is two sizes smaller 
21. Undergarments with holes or loosen
22. Expired food in the fridge 
23. Rock formation in the dry kitchen Items like flour and herbs powder that has solidified. 
24. Old chopping board 
25. Too many extras of bottles, plasticware, utensils 
26. Really old cables and remote control
27. Doodle notebooks If you write things messily like me. Some people have awesome, structured notebook to keep.
28. CDs DVDs without a player
29. Drained batteries, rusty pins  
30. Smelly or broken old shoes
31. Socks with torn toes It may be thought-provoking, but I believe in pairing single sock with other socks with a missing buddy - you may want to throw all single socks.
32. Things you could replace with $5