Money Diaries: Oct 2018

This month is like the last autumn of Bariloche for me -the last beautiful sunset and not knowing if a new glimpse of sunshine would come. I feel the latte factor, the peer pressure to live the lifestyle, and for a brief moment - lost the desire to fight for life. But this is also where my life pace completely change. I spent a total of RM5,648.35 while the Dow goes up and down.

Some local PF news to me: 
1. The housing is indeed a buyer's market now
2. You can earn RM300 for playing 120 hours of videos on your phone
3. Low-cost robot investment launched in Malaysia.

October is a spending month. Then again, every month is a spending month since I am back to KL. Bummer. I travelled and bought a gadget. Apart from traveling, top spending this month includes a new iPhone for RM775 and two bottles of beauty products for RM603. Both to support people that I know (And sacrificed the tax rebate - speaking about not being responsible for other's financial mistake).

Went shopping for electronics with my sister-in-law. Why do anyone needs a TV? They need a TV - a 50" TV. I haven't even watched Netflix for two months. Who watches TV anymore? Am I the odd one out or they are?

Financial aside, I can’t help but to cry a little this month. The time when you believe someone is the person meant to be and you are not the option, ever. Well, I could grief over it or pick myself up. And I am that kind of person who will book a business class ticket to watch the Grand Prix (cuma, tak ada duit - later k). p/s: I did not spend to make myself happy. For me, money buys comfort and blings but does not contribute to my happiness.

Over the weekend, I  kick-start a side project, did a part-time for 3 hours for RM250 and learnt to play a song on the piano. What doesn’t break you make you stronger?

Reads of the month: Principles: Life and Work by Ray Dalio | Dance, Stand, Run by Jess Connolly | I stand at the door and knock by Corrie Ten Boom

Nov Goals

Update on the budget: There are some missing expenses figures in the actual Oct as I track differently from the table. But just to compare if my budget was spot on.

Budget Oct  
Actual Oct
Budget Nov

Toll + Parking: RM25/day
(Two dinner party for friends)
(oats for breakfast)
RM1000 (4 weekends away)
Friend wedding gift
Clothes (only if I sold something)
RM198 (for 5 piece)
Sold old things for RM240
(found a great place to buy stuff)
Fund PRS (For next 3 months)
PB Mutual, my past investment has gone negative :o
On hold
RM30 topup
Other wants & needs
RM1736  Iphone, beauty products etc
for furniture
Rent and utilities

Side project


RM 5430 ++


Moving out I am moving nearer into KL center from Klang Valley.  So I need furniture if I don’t want to sleep on the floor. I will DIY the IKEA way: buy a chest drawer, a chair and a rack. Accessories with a mirror, curtain and a book shelf. Ferry the bed and table from home. Fresh flowers daily. I know a lot of the people who doesn’t like IKEA furniture because it doesn’t last but I just want the easy way out with designer-like-furniture instead of hunting up and down. Total estimated cost: RM1400. 

Why do I choose to pay rent? Presumably, I will save a minimum of 30 minutes’ travel time a day, that would be 15 hours a month. The cost of RM600 for 15 hours with gym and swimming pool facilities - in my view, is a good price to upgrade living standard, host cell group and throw pool parties. 

Travel Apart from moving and catching up at work, I will have 4 weekends away in November. It's not life crisis or soul searching, it just so happens that people make those arrangements and I said yes to all. I may need to slow down.  

Dividend November will come with a generous slip from IGBREIT. I've invested quite heavily on that mall and I am happy to see the place with more exciting offerings. There's Marybrown at LG of The Gardens selling two ice cream cone for RM1.80. Yes, it's not worth for you to make a trip for some cheaper ice-cream but people fall for things like this. Thank you for spending money in a mall.

For we are chosen, beloved and dearly loved.