A new chapter

Building a website and then abandon it?

If you came from the old website, I am so sorry that you have to manually redirect here. You see, money means very differently to me now versus two years ago. Life changes, my expectations and encounter change. Most importantly, I am no longer struggling with the need to save the next penny.

I have the wiggle room to handle life needs and some wants. I am willing to spend more to live life, making room for things that matter like serving, giving, relationships.

Some people start with building these things (fame, relationships) and then only their finances, some other people - take the safe path like me. Each comes with pros and cons, depending on your personality and the life seasons that you are in.

I love Lyn & Ringgit - it's an idea turn hobby, with an occasional dedication. But I stop relating my life wealth with fiat numbers. Although, it's still the most straightforward measurement.

I've changed my workplace, moved to a new house, joined a new club (not clubbing). Changing the website seems like the next natural thing. I need the change to give me a sense of freedom and space to talk about what's what in every season of life. Lyn is here to talk about the same old personal finance stuff and maybe more. I hope this new site would relate to your more than what was in the past because we all grow as time passes by.

P/S: All my past post from Lyn & Ringgit is here although I am working on the link change. Some things doesn't change, I am too savvy to pay for an extra domain.