Money Diaries Nov 2018

Overspending month. RM7007.10 is 16% more than my take home, but some of the spend is stored as Boost and Grab credit, so I didn’t hit the 7 thousand mark per say, kononnya. I max up two of my cards (for reasons below), took an installment on the home furnishing and went on with living a big life anyway. 


Half of my expenses this month goes to furniture. Buying is simple, organizing things is the challenge. One of the reason I move is so I get to jump into a pool, I’ve stayed a month and yet to dip my foot in.


This may be the last month I splurge on a meal. I have Nobu and Sushi Hinata for lunch. I am keen to start living frugally when it comes to food. But I am a foodie and people I hang out with have minimal money concern. How do I start?


Two pairs of shoes and a top. Finding a good shoe is a challenge, my feet are different sized, and they don’t go well with most of the shoe I buy with hard earn money. Bleh.


Worth to Grab when there’s a good coupon but not so with the normal price. I don't use Grab when it's normal priced, but I do feel the need to support all the drivers who take extra effort to send me back and forth in the traffic.


I am at my least generous moment and yet I give RM583 last month. And I didn't have savings this month. Hm.


The new regulation changes my take on paying off debt. Finally, I paid off the student loan for 20% discount using credit card. The actual bill will come in Jan 2019. This is not recorded in the expenses.

Other life / *lemons/*sparkles/ - My new favorite app to track task especially at work reminders and it’s free. Nevertheless, productivity is focus and good habits. Tools will not change that.

Went for a 30 minute Archery lesson, a 15 minute kayaking, paid RM130 for 8 swiming lesson.

Bake banana cranberry cake. If you come for christmas I'll save you a piece.

Mix feelings. I hide and cry in the office a couple of times. It’s possible that one lives in faith without hope? Most Christian would say no but that’s exactly how I live through this month. I see two miracle this month but I am not hopeful about life or even heaven. Grief is not a joke - I am born optimistic with a sensible job, healthy, with good family and friends and yet - still find myself broken. Please overshare if you are sad, it helps you to stay out of depression.

More things to let go. From having an empty wallet as a student to now, 10 years later and 6 years working - I've accumulated all those stuff that I don't even remember owing. My friend came and ask "Is there anything that you don't have?" These things - bought out of the need to belong and shame, give me false sense of security and sufficates me.

The side venture that cost me RM500++ in Oct is down to the drain. I weren't careful when it seems like a cheap opportunity. Bummer.

Dec Goals

Updated budget
Budget Nov
Actual Nov
Budget Dec

Friend wedding gift
Clothes (only if I sold something)
(found a great place to buy stuff)

Fund PRS (For next 3 months)
On hold
Other wants & needs
RM1400 for furniture
?? for gifts
Rent and utilities
Side project

Total RM 5623 RM7007.10

Two notes on strings Practice D E and F# on the beginner’s violin.

Dividend for December would be a mere RM120 so I have to make do with my salary this month. I will crash a company AGM to collect food vouchers. The voucher value is equal to 5.7% yield. Had to also fund RM2000 into the PRS account, so much expenditure.

Christmas I have a lot of Christmas celebration to join/attend this year but I am cutting down gifting to a handful.

My lifestyle spending has creap up to the point that my pay is not enough to cover expenses. Or am I getting too hard to please? Perhaps it's time to think about how to have more income.


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  2. Just want to encourage you to keep up with whatever you're doing. I've been following your post since early this year and enjoy reading them. Somehow you remind me of 'me' in certain posts you wrote - there's always hope at the end of despair, just have to keep moving and one day u will wake up realising it. Cheers.

    1. Hi Anonymous, thank you for the support. :)

  3. Can i know where you have paid RM130 for 8 swimming lessons? Sounds reasonable, Lyn. How was it?


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