The Lazy Reads

by - January 08, 2019

Here is the books I read over the one-last week of 2018 while I throw myself wholeheartedly into mixing drinks, throwing flower petals at events and collecting points for free stuff.

 The little book of Lagom

Lagom is the Swedish word for living a balanced life. Here's some interesting way Swedish save the earth and money:
  • Use cloth instead of paper towels.
  • Bake their own bread.
  • Use fruit crate as a side table - it's beautiful, I wish we use fruit crate here instead of a box.
  • Homemade cleaner with lemon, lime peel and white vinegar.
  • Include big dishes in your meal plan which can be eaten over a few days
  • Grow herbs in jam jars
Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey

I know I should have read this years ago, way before I start this blog. But I didn't have money want to spend on books.

One key take away I learnt is your financial security could be slowly collapsing around you, and you have no idea.  I think this applies to how my expenses are for the last 6 months. (And reminds me about the 72 rule)

The few everyone knows about princples that the book sets: Have an emergency fund; Invest 15% of your income in mutual funds; Aim for debt-free; Spend and give away.

Stand, Dance, Run by Jess Connolly

This is the best find I had for the year when I lost hope in life. It was more than a pick-me-up, it made me run again to find a new calling. God word speaks truth and purpose into our lives. And we are chosen, beloved and dearly loved.

The More of Less by Joshua Becker

Another inspiring book to take a break from shopping after a long shopping holiday season. There's no doubt that having less stuff can help you to focus on things you really care about. There are different reasons to be a minimalist, and it's important to find your WHY. Begin by clearing out the easy stuff by categorising your things.
  • If you are worried about parting with something, try living without it for a while. 
  • Giving can be easy and more fulfilling when you need less. 
  • Be wary that people around you might need more time to adjust to a less consumption life.
Atomic Habits by James Clear

I choose this book when I need to break free from watching Netflix. My weekends were practically Death by Netflix. The key idea is small habits can have a powerful impact in your life. It's quite similar to the idea of doing 1% better daily. Every habit has a cue and triggers, and the end goal of every habit is the reward.

To build a habit, make it easily accessible and possible to accomplish in two minutes.
 If you like to drop a habit, create friction for the habit. This could be down by unplugging the TV and remove the battery from the remote.

Genius Foods by Max Lugavere

How to eat to protect your brain? Make your own salad dressing with olive oil.
  • Avoid sugar, reduce crabs. Eat bananas, berries.
  • Fast for 16 hours a day (stop eating after 2pm)
  • Feast on healthy fats like coconut oil, avocado 
  • If you must have chocolate, eat only dark chocolate with min 70% cocoa 
The Execution Factor by Kim Perell 

How to successfully execute a plan? The traits of effective execution are:
  • Have a vision 
  • Passion -What do you love so much that you will be willing to undergo hardship. If the answer is nothing, it's time to change that. You will have to carve out time for these priorities.
  • Take small actions, don't be overwhelmed
  • Daily review process to keep moving to forward 
  • Develop resilience by taking good care of yourself 
  • Expand, deepen and maintain relationships.
The 12 Week Year by Brian and Michael 

Abandon the annual cycle and adopt a 12-week cycle helps you to have consistent execution to keep on track and achieve more. Ideas are only powerful if they're acted on.

Rigorous measurement is the way to know if you are on tracks. Determine what should you measure and how should you measure it is key. Remember, every moment counts when your one year is only 12 weeks long.


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