Money Diaries: Feb 2019



I keep hearing the basic rule of investment. Things like stay for the long term, keep it simple, build a diversity portfolio, etc. But things are getting more complicated to track since I put my eggs in the different market. Pension funds for tax relief, mutual funds to get global, ETF for low fees, gold coins to hedge, fixed deposit for emergency funds, equity that pays dividends, P2P lending for being a legal loan shark master, real estate to leverage wealth on loans, 0% cash advance on credit card. I have lost track in the profit and loss account.

Some apps provide tracking function, but there is a lot of misleading information. For example, my public mutual PRS fund shows that the investment has a return a few % from my cost of funding. However, it failed to consider the number of years or the free funding from the government. Of which the actual performance is negative. 

With connectivity and the Internet of things, it's easy to put $100 here and there. But the true test lies in how do you track your countless investment and how much time you can put in that. If you are lost, perhaps you should pause and think. Confusion never pays in any game.

This month, dividends came in at RM354. I have bought silver coins (physical coin, and it took three hours to get them) and signed up for BigPay. My idea is to use cash back credit cards to fund BigPay to fund other e-wallet. Alternatively, just withdraw cash from the ATMs. I think it's called fund-hackathon. 

Feb living

Things are not well-defined in the office and having more managers means I have to do more explanations for the same outcome. And I watch TV series to beat the idle time. The two catastrophic combination of life. 

I found out that Alice Smith school kids do a skill presentation in their primary years. Each student pick one new skill that they like to learn, plan and learn and then present it at the end of semester. I think that's a fabulous way of keep growing yourself. So my next one is to complete street fighting math developed in MIT. 

Mar Goals
  • My company bonus (if any) would come in March and that's the time of action. It is the only time that I could save big, up to 100% of the bonus, 90% of the time. 
  • Complete Street Fighting Math course 
  • Continue Violin and language practice
  • Write investment reviews  


  1. Agree. We are taken the phrase Don't put all your eggs in one basket too far. For average person, 3 ~ 5 investment are enough already.


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