Money Diaries: Mar 2019

This month, I had a discussion with friends about what's our relationship with money, and I find myself in the crossroad of what's my purpose of spending. It was once clear to me that I am but a steward of what God has given me, and abundance is there because of His presence. However, I had cruised life sideways now, not putting Him in the picture when I spend. People may not see it, but I have disappointment issues. The truth lies with the Lord of Host. 

We conclude that what we seek with money - the status, the security, the satisfaction, the gains - is found in Jesus alone. As John Piper says - God is most glorified when we are most satisfied in Him.

About this month Expenses, it's nowhere near the standard I like to reach:

The beautiful things that I buy from this:
  • An iPhone cover that is dreamy with floating stars. Mahal though
  • Indoor pot plant, two cushion, dark-out curtain
  • Silicon lid for cup 
  • Laptop rest, iPad stand
  • A reference book on Pukka tea 
  • Omakase dining; Salted Egg Dry Hotpot from FoodPanda
  • A RM100 fabric shoe that I hope would last forever
And some habit that I like to stop:
  • Forget to buy toilet roll when I need it so I took some from the office.
  • Garnet popcorn is my new favorite snack. Expensive but such a good treat to share with friends. 
  • Shopping high street fashion. I am determined to buy less. Yet, it doesn't help when these are priced at RM120-300 each.
  • Watch Netflix all weekend
  • It's service tax month for nearly all the credit cards: RM175 
  • All the 20 cents flimsy plastic bag because I can't carry things without one. Why can't they issue paper bag instead.
Looking at Investment from different angles:  
  • Old things sold : RM163
  • Income from P2P funding : RM77
  • Tax refund: RM730 bonus to fixed deposit.
  • Fund ETFs: Motivate my brother to save by 1:1 matching his savings into the same investment fund. He saved RM100.
  • Applied for Maybank housing loan and they are asking me to sign a wavier of rights to get an attorney for the loan. Like ever for the next 25 years!? Someone from BNM need to step in for public interest.
  • Exploring credit card cashback hacks: RM235
Despite all these, shopping and returns, does not satisfy me or give me the joy my heart is searching for. I am torn in between of wanting to be a blessing to others or keep it all to myself.

April Goals
  • Apply for a job. In the mean time, focus at work and say no to time consuming "initiatives activity" 
  • Go for violin practice session, swimming lesson, practice French. Learn and understand street fighting math.
  • Watch The Avenger!! A must do.  
  • Read 10 pages a day. Current book: What's so amazing about grace? by Philip Yancey.
  • Cook the famous #thestew