Easy ways to make some quick cash

Being employed for most of my working life myself, I rarely have to face a tight cash flow situation. But I recently realized how important is cash flow especially for self-employed individuals.  Next time you need some cash, try one or two of these ways:

1. Do reviews or survey that pays

Online surveys pays about $5-10 each. Spending 2-3hours in a focus group survey will earn you around RM200-250. Some agency requires you to bluff about which brand or product you love most. I never understand that, why would a company pay to conduct fake survey. 

2. Cashback hack with e-wallet 

It's a known "secret" that certain e-wallets like BigPay and Boost can technically be used to maximize your cashflow and cashback. Keep track all the records because doing this (fake retail spending and not paying cash advance fee) can been seen as laundering.

3. Sign up to drive for ride hailing

I think it's a good idea to sign up for a gig that you can choose to do when you need it. Most ride hailing payout weekly so you can get good quick cash if you drive during peak demand hours.

4. Selling your unused stuff 

Have good stuff that you preloved or impulse purchase that you wish you didn't made? First check if you can return for a refund. Then go for sale before you throw it away. 

5. Tutoring

Tutoring can be quite lucrative and motivates you to up-skill. Teach someone near your neighborhood or try online tutoring on sites like https://www.itutor.com/

6. Sell your notes 

Good at taking notes? Study notes are like knowledge on demand and can be sold in sites like NexusNotes.

7. Buy below listed price house from developer

This is a two way sword, depending on your situation. It's too risky for my appetite but proves useful for others. There are a lot of housing units at 25-30% off the gross price in from the developer, but the S&P you sign will list the gross price. If you can get 90% loan on the purchase, you can pocket 20% of the cash back in your account and wait for the house to appreciate. Remember, it's a loan with interest, not free cash. There are even companies that would pay you up to 3,000 a month to use your name to buy the investment or "investments".

Finally, move your savings into high interest account. I personally use M2U Savers and OCBC 360. Sikit-sikit jadi bukit, the little difference will soon play significant role in your cash-flow.