Money Diaries: Apr 2019

Speak life "Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things" Philippians 4:8

It's easy for us to fall on negative sentiment, but we made our choice in life. I'll choose to speak life over people surrounding me. 

I learn a lot about priorities this month but fail all my Apr goals. Different life wants and goals take over my focus. I did not apply for any job, did not complete the swimming lessons, did no practice the violin. On the bright side, my house plant survived the month and grows a baby plant.

When I look at my expenses, I wonder if I am still eligible to write about money. Frugality has to be a daily habit.

  • Aging caught up with me. My skin is dangerously dehydrated that I made impulsive purchases. Finally, Naruko mask saves the day.
  • I started rock climb at Camp5. It cost about RM500 to properly start (three lessons, a good shoe) and then RM45 (inc. tool rentals) each time you climb. It's not a cheap sport but I am loving the challenge. 
  • Spend RM700 for 48 hours in Thailand. Air ticket and hotel are recorded past. Total est at RM1,700. It's kinda like a posh holiday in a cheap place. I enjoyed the sightseeing but when it's all gone, this place that promotes prostitution does not captivates my heart.
  • This time, I have really gained weight. I eaten RM1,300 worth of food, excluding the ones I eat in Thailand. 
  • And I bought expensive coat because some non-sense boss demands us to dress up for two hours. Too bad I couldn't hand-in a resignation letter on the spot. 
  • I finally got lock-out of the Netflix. We share among friends, with one account each but it seems everyone has more than one device. I still use the free spotify. 
  • Still paying RM500 for rent. I bought IKEA mirror to make my room look brighter.

The extra from various invest source:

  • Dividend and Interest: RM755 from CIMB and other interest
  • Income from P2P funding: RM43. Zero default thus far but I am moving my funds out.
  • Old things sold: RM70 
  • Other income: Approximate RM300

May Goals
  • Read while travel and fasting while I could - bullet journal with Taskade. It's free, comes with powerful editing tools and most importantly, only digital notes are easily accessible.
  • Sleep early and focus all the time - doing two things a time, overlapping work with personal thoughts makes me feel relax but drains my productivity.
  • Plan and execute plans to increase invest income - One of my friend accumulated serious credit card debt and while trying to help her, reveals how I am prone to overspending too.
  • Community: Create science project module for junior high kids.