Money Diaries May 2019


In the past, I would shy away when I record extraordinary spending that seems unforgivable as "the girl who know her numbers". But as I grew older, into my first 30's, I got more confident to live bigger. I spent what I could possibly spent, with one foot tip toe on the investments I made over the last two years. Money did not make our life better, but it certainly make things easier.

So this month expenses is slightly over my limit. There's not much explanation, I didn't consider the cost of my actions when it comes to food. I walk in any restaurant I like and ordered what I want to eat, plus more. Of course, there's always a cost for every input one take, on top of the bill, I gained weight. RM2,100.

I fix the somewhat problematic car for RM1250, travel to East Malaysia ~RM700 (+tipping all the way) and bought a pair of shoe plus four pieces of clothing for RM557. Hair re-bonding for RM260 and also back to giving a little - RM510.

Reality sticking out to me when I cry inside while watching movie alone. I am part of a number of communities but I still get lost in this big city.

May book reading: Letters to the church by Francis Chan

May Invest:
  • Dividend and Interest: RM1100
  • P2P Lending Interest: ~RM50
  • Old things sold: RM105
  • Other income: RM335 
Jun goals 
  • Sleep early: Be consistent to sleep by 11pm.
  • Continue to build portfolio
  • Adding more colors to my wardrobe and a Pleats Please. Trying not to buy too much things by using one in, one out approach. 
  • Rock climb a harder route - rock climbing is expensive but it makes me stronger. 
  • Learn about work process and organization structure, read HBR. Planing to join management consultancy and - it's a needed skill anyway.