Money Diaries Jun 2019

It feels like I have lost touch on the trendy ideas of personal finance, investment and living cost. So many e-wallets, digital coins, discounts, and then - market distorter like 40-60% off everything (including toothpaste!) in a drug store. I try to stay in the right lane of making the best out of the dollars and cent, but which is the right lane?

I think it does not matter because we can be financially independent in many right ways. Have a great job that pays, take multiple jobs, stay invested in the bricks, trade like a ninja, be an influencer, go to the moon. The prerequisite is to stay in the same path. If we are drifting aimlessly, we ...em, simply drift and never reach the shore. For me, spending below income is the only unbreakable rule. That's it, I am pretty contented. So what stays the same for you?


One of the lowest spending month of the year. No surprises, just the daily cost, a little giving and a lot of shopping.

The aftermath of eating a lot is heartfelt because I don't fit in all the lovely dresses anymore. Like savings, they accumulates and grow exponentially with time. I love chocolates and ice-creams. These two culprit plus dining out turn me from UK8 to the edge of UK12 in three months. 

And not because of the weight gain, but because I want to have more colors in my life and take some chance outside my comfort zone; I recklessly (and totally under control) spent RM1080 on clothes and accessories this month, mostly items from Zara and branded look-a-likes.

Things are certainly getting cheaper now. I am not discounting the fact that living cost is an issue for people who don't get access to resources, but discretionary items for the mass, for you and I, is probably not as expensive as before.  This movie shares an economic view of the trend. It's on Netflix. But instead of just focusing on dwindling middle class, look at the bigger picture and you'll find signs that we are moving towards highly polarized society (Micro Trends Squared by Mark Penn). 

Went rock climbing twice, but I didn't track if I climbed a harder route. I got distracted by good looking people there. Single's perspective. RM51/climb.

Had a stay-cation with friends at Fahrenheit tower. I think the place is creepy, it feels a little like those air-bnb in Seoul office buildings, less the sense of security.


Dividends and interest comes in at around RM1100 this month but it'll probably only be RM90 + RM350 in July.  P2P lending is still the highest in terms of return %, but I am not rooting to invest a lot on that. I don't understand how they determine the interest rate vs probability of default. On the equity market, I bought a small stake in MAGNI, one of Nike's garment manufacturer company.

There are change in the office, and it feels like I don't have a team that would root for me anymore. I have to make the big decision and put in effort to find the next thing. Part of me wants to push the boundary, test the limits, create enormous value. But part of me are so exhausted, I want things to be over with and sleep forever.
    Jul goals
    • Redeem time from shopping: It started in Jun, I can stay awake till 12am for special deals, I scroll when I am stuck in traffic, check out cart during meetings (buying plastic bags -.-).  Consumerism habits creeps into life easily when we weren't careful.
    • Here's my three learning goal for the next six months: Chemistry, coding language and business strategy. If you caught me doing something else, smack me/issue me a saman. I'll start with  the 1200 page Organic Chemistry by Robert Ouellette.  
    • Cuisine a for one. I see Japanese enthusiastic in everything, and they published a book on cooking for one. It's a pretty amazing introductory cookbook, the knife size you use has to be right (13~16cm) to start with and the variations of side dishes.


    1. Hi Lyn,

      Thanks for sharing your money diaries, I enjoyed reading them. Was wondering did you ever write about your investment portfolio? 1100 investment returns/dividends are very lucrative for a beginner investor like me. Thanks in advance!

      1. Hi Arvi, thank you for reading. I try not to touch on investment because I don't do that well when compared to other bloggers and I have not consistently reach 1000/month either. :)


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