Money Diaries July 2019

How have you been? It's my birthday month and am spoiled with some gifts this year. I got a bracelet and realized that I am a sucker for jewellery after all. Accessories is not how I define my old-self but I love how these finely craft metal looks on me now.
Birthday surprise flat lay. Cut out for privacy.

I spent RM5,387 this month with lots of sunk cost. Ever since belanjawanku put the RM2490 recommended mark on someone like me (single car owner), I feel like a big failure in PF.

I do not know how I fuzzily walk into this norm path. What I do know is that I spent a lot on food because I don't question the coffee, the sandwich, the ice-cream anymore. I need to stay grounded in my makan spending, like how one stay rooted and grounded in love.

  • Bought the Longchamp Le Pliage in grey; I feel so old with my color choice.
  • Swap a top for a shoe at bazaar. You save so much when you shop ethically. I wish we could have large scale swapping space here.
  • Got a free mini Braun wallet at the Remy Martin La Maison party. Went under friend's influencer invite.
  • Scribe subscription got renewed. RM196
  • I finally give in to subscribing facial package. RM1210 Professional hair cut RM110
  • Testing the odd idea of belly button patch made of longan, peppercorn and some herbs. Claim to improve health. RM10 
  • Transportation is expensive because of RM18/workday car park 

Making prediction is risky business.

In 2007, Steave Balmer from microsoft said "There's no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share. No chance."

It doesn't matter if you're smart or a fool, the market can always prove you wrong.

Another trade
Sold MAGNI when it goes up in two days and bought some bank shares at weakness. It is likely to continue with the OPR rate cut and expectations of further cut. I constantly told myself not to trade but I still clicks the button (like when they are up ~10% in less than a year, of course, I have shares that are not performing). Unexpectedly make about RM1,050. While it feels lucrative, it's definitively safer to run the long growth game.

Set reoccurring transfer to ETF
I put in about 2% of my pay each week, so it works up to 8-10% automated savings a month. 

Withdraw more from P2P lending
I couldn't understand why some SME runs their business on low net margin, have good receivable/inventory turnaround and yet taking up 11-15% interest loan.

0.2% margin business. Quick turnover, why they need a loan?
Or a mere 11% return for really high default probability. Imagine tossing your coin twice and getting two heads or two tails in a row. Details like this makes me worry. 

20+% default probability for 11% interest
Do you invest in P2P lending? What's your rational behind the illogical details or would you avoid such notes?

Aug goals
  • Care for people who care for me. I hope he'll be someone special to me. Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. Prov 4:23
  • Budget of RM40/day on food. Not surprise if I broke this rule, happily doing so if it means treating my friends. My rules are made to make me feel better in general.
  • Lately I been looking into the idea of Plan My Minutes. Minutes are as valuable as hours. It's not easy to plan for all the 60 minutes of the 24 hours but I see myself get more things done in the few hours that I keep track of the minutes.  
Lastly, a must visit to the Sentul Festival.  If you haven't heard, Dignity is a non-profit school for refugees. They organized this festival to show that learning is life-long journey, hand curated by an inspiring people making a difference in our society.