Money Diaries Aug 2019


August 2019 - Last month is a roller coaster ride in work, relationships, my emotion and God just - intervened. Things are little tacky, I don't know how I should move forward but the worst is gone.


Birthday dinners, drinks at speakeasy take up a lot of the spending this month. But did I really spend 1,500 on food? :o

Pay for health because I don't exercise much.  Probiotics, Q10... ~RM300. I still fall sick with bad cough.

I stop buying clothes last month but spend on things that would hold value (perhaps half?) A shiny bracelet right before the gold price hike. RM475

Join Sentul Festival for awesome class in coaching, reading Korean. 
If you go to Korea Plaza, you could sign up for Korean lessons - free and certified.

Bought a plant and it die on me on the 6th day. I am left with a pot of soil. RM7.5


Another month of dividends, I collected from two REITS. Totaling around RM1100. I start to see how dividends would make retirement possible for me. Looking for opportunity to enter the market, bought RCECAP at RM1.61.

I hit my first loan note default in Funding Society Malaysia, nearly all the interest earning I accumulated is wiped out. I've foresee that happening, it doesn't justify that P2P has lower default compared to banks NPL, but it's still not fun when it happens.

It's gonna be year end soon, time to put in investment in private retirement scheme (PSR) for tax relief. I do that online with Public Mutual. Do you invest in PSR?

I stop hacking e-wallets this month, boost shake rewards is getting smaller.

Continue to invest in ETFs via StashAway.

Sep goals

This September can be the most meaningful month if you plan it well.  In my slight sadness, I don't want to do anything but sleep till late for all the long weekends in Sep.

Learn to play Good Grace
Clean hands, Pure hearts, Good grace, Good God - His name is Jesus.