Money Diaries Sep 2019

Dear diary, 

I am please that this month, despite the hard-break I had, money have been kind to me. 
Things are on sale to the blink of cheap when I need something, and food has been plenty in meetings. I am glad that I can ignore most of the discussion and focus on eating.

Ah, I did spend RM120 for high tea in the orchid's room at The Majestic. I can't tell why do people rave about it in blog reviews. For two hours, it was like I am a monkey on display to the eyes of all by-passer, eager to see who's who's inside it. Then there's the still quietness in the surrounding tables. I would have committed a grave sin laughing out loud. This is not the kind of class I want to buy. How do people really enjoy tea in such an environment?

Yes, I have a hard-break last month, but I recovered, or so I think. Every morning, I look in the mirror and put on Inisfree tinted sunblock and some Guerlian Meteorites powder, only to reach the office to be asked "Are you alright, you look tired." Perhaps, I need to engage a makeup artist, I heard Anna Wintour have her hair done daily. Gosh, how can I ever retire if I care about what people (who are not my family) thinks.

I want to learn, so I spent RM200 on a course to save time. You know, knowledge are free and insights are precious. Everyone with a good IQ can deduct insights from knowledge, if they are willing to put the hours in.

I want to look nice, so I bought dresses, so that I can wake up at 7am and walk out of home 20 minutes later. That RM296 package gone down to drain together with my dream look. Bad tailoring - the risk you have to take when you buy things online.

Still, it doesn't feels as painful as receiving another notice of default in Funding Society Malaysia (a P2P platform). That must be like the second one in 15 days, and brings the fund return to negative, indefinitely, as I have not intend to invest anymore three months ago. 

But don't feel too bad for me. I got a surprise divided of RM750, and sold a bag for profit.
I've also just got invited to some trendy workshops which I am sure they give a door gift or two. The best way to spend your weekends is learning; second best, earn while enjoying.

After considering the time and resources I can spent,  the best investment I could make is still low fee market funds with access to global markets, and for that reason I continue to auto invest with Stashaway. They given me a link for my blog readers to waived transaction fees, but I misplaced it. I try not to put things in the same fund. They are legit, but so is Bernard Madoff for 20 years, one can never be too careful with any institution.

While this is the best financial month in the year (lowest spend, decent dividend), there's nothing particular joyful about that. I have more friend that would shame me for not spending than spending [Life, ironic].  And more importantly, I want life to be inspiring and impacting people rather that focusing on the numbers. My pastor says we are alive because we have something that our generation needs. What do I have?