Money Diaries Oct 2019

Change is the only constant
Apart from tracking my spending in app (wally, free but now discontinued), I keep a chart of my month-by-month spending over the years. This is how my life have change over the seasons.  The joy, the laughter, the tears.

Every month, my spending is considerably changed - some for the better, some for worst. The two peak, one is a gift to a student college fund, another to buy a MacBook - both one of the best decision I've made, despite running on negative on that month. The little little things that makes the little waves? I have not much memories of them.

This art also tells me that my expenses is not lead by inflation but lifestyle spending. I am grateful because not everyone have that choice.

When you can't help but give
Being carefree with spending in a community can easily backfire. It's the second time this year that others plan weekend go-away for me and we split the cost. But the bill I get seems to imply that I have subsidized some of the people in the group (others does too). I don't have issue with the giving, but I certainly don't like being issued a note. Sometimes, it is fine to be called stingy.

Fly to move further
Travel is not in my DNA. Although I like holidays, the thought of planning, spending money for few days of food and shopping does not appeal to me. So I only travel when I need to mend my soul, usually no budget. This month, my mom made me bought a long haul ticket, for a 18 days return trip in Dec. We have no plans yet, and I am not excited about it, for now.

The subtle art of Consumerism
Throwing a clothing swapping party soon. Doing my part for the earth and for my wallet. I bought 50 pieces of clothing hangers (RM43) this month, which means I now have space for 100 piece of clothes and yet, the sort later basket is always full. To think that I have only moved here a year ago...

Learn to grow
This month, I spend RM388 (it's coincident) on learning opportunities. One on making space for creativity, song writing,  another on team leadership and finally on waiting on God (A prayer retreat). I've also practice some data modelling. It is hard to say if I can have a career path, I am now a 10% leader, 10% data scientist, 10% creativity enabler, 20% engineer, 20% management system, 20% accountant and 10% empty person. If I quite my job, my safety net is minimal wage.

Finally, a minimal wage worker
Most of my holdings in KLSE is in red (having bought in 2018), but interest and dividends come up to ~RM890. Together with other mini investment, I now get about a thousand a month. A thousand is like earning the minimal wages, so now I can tick the box of FIRE for min wage.
Did I stay too quiet on my spending this month? It's ~RM5000, a 40% swing from previous month.