Money Diaries Nov 2019

Still keeping track of my expenses although I've been busy closing files for the year-end, planning trips, and moving to a new room in the same place.

November is simple - food, shelter, small giving, and transportation.

My accountability group raises the rent fund for a family of 6. I have no idea how they survive on an income of RM1,800 but I know the couple loves their job in an NGO and it's a little that we could help.

Things I like to remember November for:  

Fried banana wrapped in Perilla leaf at Nobu. A treat from an old friend. RM30

Play with flowers and study how a hand bouquet is arranged (someone awesome did this) 

Use my door as a post-it-note command center. Who needs a tack board?

December is already complicated - I have planned and will be traveling to greater summer (because Malaysia is summer every day) in a group of 8 with parents, uncles, and aunties with different priorities.

If you're celebrating Christmas, as Isaiah 9:2 says, on those living in the land of deep darkness, a light has dawned. May God's love come and free you from the guilt and burden in your heart today.

Till then, I'll see you and the numbers next year!